Parking Fines and Penalties


Revenue from parking tickets goes into the College’s general fund and does not directly support the Department of Security & Police.

The Department of Security & Police enforces parking and traffic regulations and manages all matters pertaining to the registration of vehicles and parking (as well as speeding tickets). On occasion, however, they may refer a matter to the Student Court, if disciplinary action is warranted.

All fines should be paid in the Business Office. The following fine structure for motor vehicle tickets applies for the entire year (except for areas listed below under “$100 fine and towing”):

  • First ticket — $25
  • Second ticket — $50
  • Third ticket — $75
  • Fourth ticket — $100 plus loss of on-campus driving privileges for the remainder of the academic year, and your parents will be notified.

If fines are not paid within ten days of issuance, a $5 late fee will be added. Failure to pay fines within the time allowed may result in extra fees and loss of motor vehicle privileges on campus for up to one semester.

NOTE: After on-campus driving privileges have been revoked, if your car is found on campus except in the parking area designated for your residence hall, it will be towed at your expense. If anyone borrows your vehicle, your restrictions apply to him/her and you will be held accountable. The car may be driven off campus only from and returned to your residence hall parking area.

A $100 fine and possible towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense will apply to the violations below:

  • Graham Hall Circle: Monday–Friday, 7:30 AM to 5 PM, this area is reserved exclusively for guests.
  • Wilson Center Parking Lot: This area is reserved for faculty, staff, and guests at all times.
  • Settle Hall: Pannill Drive (Settle Hall service road) is a fire lane. Parking is not permitted on either side of the road at any time.
  • Vehicles blocking fire hydrants, fire lanes, access by emergency vehicles, or parked in handicapped spaces.
  • Parking on lawns, sidewalks, fields, etc. Additional disciplinary action is possible. Vehicles parked with any portion of the vehicle on an unpaved area are considered parked on lawns, sidewalks, fields, etc.

NOTE: The sidewalks leading to the front and rear of Venable Hall are not roadways nor are the sidewalks in front of Cushing Hall or around the Carpenter Residence Halls.

Ticket Transfers

If someone gets a parking ticket while using your car, that person should pay the fine. However, because you, as registered owner, are responsible for all tickets issued to your vehicle, you must see that the person who borrowed your car reports the circumstances to the Department of Security & Police and pays the fine in the Business Office. If the matter is not made clear and the fine is not paid within 10 days of issue, you will be billed for the fine, and it will go on your record.

No ticket will be voided or transferred for any reason unless the matter is settled within 10 days of receipt.


Appeals must be filed within 10 days of the ticket’s issue; you should pick up and fill out an appeal form in the Department of Security & Police or use the online Parking Ticket Appeal Form. Your completed appeal form will be submitted by the Department of Security & Police to the Parking Appeals Committee, which reviews appeals monthly and will notify you of its decision. No appeals will be accepted after the last day of classes.

The Appeals Committee determines only if the ticket was issued in accordance with parking regulations as stated in The Key. The Committee does not adjust established fines or recommend alternative means of payment. If your appeal is granted by the Committee, the ticket will be canceled. Otherwise, you must immediately pay the fine in the Business Office to avoid further disciplinary action for non-payment of the ticket.