Motor Vehicles

Every student may have a motor vehicle (vehicle requiring a state license) at Hampden-Sydney, provided it is properly registered with the Department of Security & Police and is operated in accordance with existing College rules and regulations.


It is mandatory that your vehicle be registered each year with the Department of Security & Police. You will be issued a decal with a registration number to display in the bottom right-hand corner of the rear window of your vehicle. You must pick up your decal from the Security & Police Office or at matriculation.

A student who fails to register his vehicle within 48 hours after the vehicle is brought to campus and who subsequently receives a ticket for non-registration must pay the $25 ticket plus a $50 fine in addition to the cost of registering his vehicle.

A student whose vehicle is registered but whose decal is not displayed will be fined $75.


The parking registration fee is $260 for the entire academic year and applies at the beginning of the first semester to every student living on or off campus. No refund is made for any reason after the start of classes, even if a student elects not to bring his car back for the second semester.

The second semester parking/registration fee is $130 for students who do not register a vehicle for the first semester, announce in advance that they need only one semester to complete their graduation requirements, participate in an approved off-campus study program, or attend second semester only.

Temporary Use Permits

For students who need to have a vehicle at the College for only a short time, the Department of Security & Police makes available a temporary use permit, free of charge. The time limit for this permit is two weeks; students are allowed three per year, never in succession.

Temporary Event Parking Permits

A student officer of a recognized student club or organization may obtain from the Department of Security & Police a temporary parking permit that allows him to park in an otherwise restricted area (excluding fire lanes) on a specific day. This is to allow easier access to set up or operate and close down a club or organization event.


Students are responsible for knowing parking regulations as described in The Key. Signage and curb and pavement markings serve only as a reminder to students and to regulate the actions of guests. The absence of signage or curb and pavement markings does not modify or nullify any parking regulation stated in The Key.

Speed Limits & Safety

The speed limit for College Road (inside the main gate), Via Sacra, and Atkinson Avenue is 25 MPH. The speed limit is 15 MPH in parking areas and on College roads (Alpha Drive, Athletic Center Drive, Crawley Drive, East and West Crawley Drives, and McFarland Lane).

The fine for exceeding the speed limit is $100.

Anyone speeding on or off campus, operating a motor vehicle improperly, or on property other than the regular roads (e.g. on walkways, lawns, fields, etc.), or endangering people or property, will be subject to a heavy fine, the withdrawal of motor vehicle privileges for a period determined by the Dean of Students, and/or disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct.

Due to concern for safety, both the driver and offending rider(s) will be fined $100 each for riding on the outside of a motor vehicle (e.g., sitting on the hood or fender, hanging onto the side or roof of a car, etc.).