Parking Regulations

Zone Parking Plan

The assigned zone parking plan was developed because of the increasing concern about pollution, the need to conserve energy, the desire to maintain the natural beauty of the campus, and the recognition that the elimination of unnecessary on-campus driving would help restore the desirable ambiance that comes with foot and bicycle traffic. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to walk or ride bicycles rather than to use motor vehicles.

“Zone” parking means that students are to park in assigned areas, generally near their residences, during these hours: Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm. Any vehicle may be parked in any legitimate parking area on Saturdays and Sundays (except during certain special events, in which case prohibited areas will be marked with temporary signs). The zone parking plan is also in effect during examination periods.

Student Residence Hall Parking Zones
  • Blake Apartment residents (B-coded decal) are restricted to parking in the lot beside Buildings B and D or in the lot behind Building E.
  • Casa Hispanica residents (V-code decal) park in the resident lot behind Venable. The spaces between the Wellness Center and Casa Hispanica are reserved for the Wellness Center from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Chi Phi residents (X-coded decal) park in the resident lot behind Venable Hall or behind the house, as space allows or in the resident lot behind Venable. Chi Phi Annex residents (X-code decal) park adjacent to the annex, as space allows, or in the resident lot behind Venable.
  • Crawley Forum area residents (N-coded decal) park in the lot behind Crawley Forum and below Building C.
  • Carpenter Houses and Cushing Hall residents (C-coded decal) park in the Carpenter lots behind North House of Whitehouse Hall.
  • Elliott House residents (E-coded decal) may park at their house.
  • Students living on Fraternity Circle, including residents of Burrell House and the International House (F-coded decal), park only near their residence within this zone.
  • Residents of the Hampden House units (H-coded decal) park in the lots behind their residence halls and in Carpenter lots; no motor vehicle should ever be operated or parked on the walkways in front of these buildings, except for loading or unloading purposes at the beginning and closing of each semester.
  • Students living off campus (O-coded decal) park in Elliott and lower Venable lots.
  • Reed House residents (V-coded decal) may park in the lot at the house as space allows, or in the resident lot behind Venable.
  • Venable Hall residents (V-coded decal) park only in the Venable resident lots.
  • Whitehouse Hall residents (W-coded decal) park in the designated spaces of the Whitehouse Circle or in the Carpenter lots behind North House of Whitehouse Hall.

Faculty-Staff Parking

Faculty and staff park in lots assigned to the buildings in which they work.

  • Faculty-staff parking only in the first row behind Venable Hall, Monday–Friday, 7 AM–5 PM. This area is marked with a BLUE curb.
  • The parking lot northwest of Morton Hall and accessible by East Crawley Drive is for faculty-staff parking only, Monday–Friday, 7 AM–5 PM. Non-faculty-staff vehicles parked there during the above times are subject to ticketing and/or towing. Student and student-visitor parking may also be prohibited on weekends during certain special events; temporary signs will be posted on these occasions.
  • Vehicles parked in locations other than those marked “Designated Spaces” in the Morton Faculty/Staff lot are considered parked in a no-parking zone. Exceptions may be granted with prior approval of the Department of Security & Police.
  • The Winston Hall and Gilmer Hall parking lots are for faculty, staff, and visitors only, Monday–Friday, 7 AM–5 PM. The exceptions are the spaces designated for Student Government Officers in the Winston hall lot. Parking in the Gilmer Hall lot is restricted to the paved area.
  • The Eggleston Hall parking lot is reserved for Thompson Hospitality (THC) staff at all times.

Visitor Parking

Visitors are expected to obey all motor vehicle regulations and are subject to ticketing and/or towing as if they were campus residents. Visiting students are required to park in the designated visitor spaces on College Road. Other visitors may park in the visitor spaces on College Road and in the parking lots at the Blake Apartments, Bortz Library, Gilmer Hall, Winston Hall, and in the lower Venable Hall lot.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking is available in designated areas, including: in Atkinson Hall parking lot, behind the Post Office at Graham Hall, behind Gilmer Hall, west side of Johns Auditorium, in front of Kirby Field House, behind Kirk Athletic Center, on Settle Hall plaza for special events, behind Venable Hall, behind Kirk Athletic Center, and in Winston Hall parking lot.

No Parking Areas

There is no parking in the following areas (vehicles towed at owner’s expense):

  • In areas marked by no-parking signs or yellow curbs.
  • In handicapped spaces unless a handicap permit is displayed.
  • In front of or near fire hydrants.
  • In fire lanes or in a manner that impedes access by emergency vehicles. It is unlawful to stop or park in a fire lane for any length of time for any reason.
    NOTE: Pannill Drive (Settle Hall service road) is a fire lane. Parking is not permitted on either side of the road at any time.
  • The parking area immediately behind Venable Hall contains both handicapped parking and a fire lane. Student parking, except with a handicapped permit, is not allowed at any time.
  • On the driveway leading to Gilkeson House (Campus Security & Police) and the service road/fire lane in front of Dickinson, Johnson and F Halls except at certain times of the year (see “Exceptions” below).
  • Behind Johns Auditorium or in the lane leading to the rear of the auditorium. Vehicles also should not be parked on the sidewalk leading to the front entrance to Johns or block access to that sidewalk.
  • On any State or College road during snow emergencies, when all vehicles must be parked in residence hall lots or off the roads until all State and College roads are clear.
  • On the concrete pad adjacent to Crawley Drive in front of Crawley Forum. This area is for loading and unloading only.
  • The entire length of Athletic Center Drive from College Road to the Kirby parking lot.
  • On any playing field, including the golf driving range and intramural fields, except at the direction of the Department of Security & Police. (Parking for the golf driving range is located in the Varsity Tennis Court parking lot, not on the shoulder beside the range.)
  • On Via Sacra.
  • On College Road except in those areas designated visitor parking.
  • Between 7 AM and 5 PM, Monday–Friday, there should be no student parking in parking areas reserved for faculty, staff, or visitors.

Restricted or Limited Parking

Park only in marked spaces in lots designated by curbs or barriers.

In Graham Hall Circle, parking is permitted in designated spaces only, not along the curved perimeter of the Circle. You may park in the designated “Post Office Parking” spaces for fifteen minutes only.

The area behind the Post Office at Graham Hall is reserved for authorized vehicles from 7 AM to 6 PM, Monday–Friday and 7 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.

Parking at the Wellness Center is for patients only. If the area is full, patients may park in the Venable resident lot, excluding the first row which is reserved for faculty-staff.

Parking adjacent to Atkinson Avenue near College Church is reserved for church parking Saturdays and Sundays, although exceptions may be allowed by Campus Security, as well as for special church events. These spaces are open to faculty, staff, visitors, and only students living off campus (O sticker) Monday–Friday, 7 AM–5 PM, and are open parking at other times on weekdays.

The parking area between Crawley Forum and Hampden House is, at all times, for meeting and event parking only.

At home football games, cars parked on the side of the road in the area of the stadium and nearby roads should be moved immediately after the conclusion of the game.

Designated loading spaces accessible by the fire lane-service road behind Cushing Hall and Carpenter Residence Halls may be used for loading or unloading heavy and bulky items only (a 10-minute limit with hazard lights flashing), never to pick up or discharge passengers or for temporary parking while the driver is away from the vehicle. The fire lane must never be blocked.

Other Parking Guidelines

During construction, some rules may be changed as needs dictate.

When a student is unable, because of medical problems, to walk great distances, he may obtain a medical parking permit from the Department of Security & Police that will allow him to park outside of his usual zone.

During special events, parking may be allowed in areas that are normally “No Parking” areas. At those times, notification will be made by e-mail or posted signs when practical.

Vehicles that break down while parked out of zone or not in a legitimate parking space must have a signed note of explanation on them. If they are not moved within 24 hours of the time, they become illegally parked and are subject to ticketing and towing and being stored at the owner’s expense.

Motorcycles should not be parked on the lawn, under porches or under the colonnades, or taken into residence halls or any other building. They should not be operated on walkways or on the grounds. Motorcycles found in buildings may be confiscated by Buildings and Grounds, where they will be returned to the owner on payment of a $50 fine.

The property at the end of Roxbury Road is private and off-bounds to students. The owner prosecutes trespassers.

Parking Exceptions at Opening and Close of School

On the days at the opening and closing of school in the fall and spring semesters, you may, for no more than 60 minutes, park your vehicle as near to your room as possible (but not on walkways or lawns) to unload. You should park in a regular space as soon as you have loaded or unloaded. Students who live in the Crawley Forum area residence halls may park on the gravel road beside the walk in front of Dickinson, Johnson, and F Halls only while loading or unloading, and only on days at the opening and closing of school in the fall and spring semesters.

Care should be taken not to drive onto the lawn area or damage the lawn, especially in wet weather. Other than the (grassy) service road to Dickinson, Johnson, and F Halls, no one should ever drive or park on lawns while moving in or out (minimum of $30 fine).