Appendix N: Dining Areas

Pannill Commons, the Coffee Shop in Graham Hall, the Bortz Library Coffee Shop, and the Tiger Inn are used by students, faculty, staff, community residents, and visitors to the campus. Every effort should be made to maintain a clean and pleasant atmosphere. Courtesy, decorum, good manners, and full cooperation with food service personnel are expected at all times. Shoes and shirts are required, and students are requested not to wear caps or hats in all areas of dining.

Access to Pannill Commons board plan will be controlled by an identification card issued to all board plan participants. Misuse of the card is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct or the Honor Code, depending on the circumstances. All students must present their personal ID card in order to make any transactions, debit or change at Pannill Commons, The Tiger Inn, or the coffee shops in Graham Hall and the library. MasterCard and Visa cards will also be accepted. Also, no one is allowed to use another person’s charge card at any time or under any circumstances.

All guests and non-boarding students are required to pay for all food consumed in Pannill Commons. The board plan is not transferable from one student to another student or person. Only the person who has paid the board rate may eat his meal without paying the per-meal rate.

In general, there are no limits on second servings. The exception to this policy occurs when there are special, festive meals at which premium entrées are served. Students, dates, friends, etc., are not to eat in Pannill Commons without paying for their food and/or drink. Failure to pay for food is an Honor Code violation.

Throwing food or other objects will not be tolerated. Offenders will be fined (minimum $50) and may be banned from the dining hall without refund of unused board. Additional disciplinary action may be assessed. Other prohibited actions include: bringing a pet into Pannill Commons (minimum fine $50); failure to return dishes to the dish window (minimum fine $20); taking food, glasses, or utensils out of Pannill Commons (minimum fine $25); failure to take proper care of the equipment; and failure to cooperate with management regulations, such as refusing to show one’s ID card when requested and entering the facility through an unauthorized entrance.