Appendix M: Firearms


To ensure a safe campus community, all firearms/bows and related items, to include ammunition and arrows, must be registered through the Campus Police Department and stored in an assigned gun locker in the Police Department. Students may have up to three (3) firearms or archery pieces in the locker at any one time.

Approved firearms include rifle, shotguns and any archery equipment that meet Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ specific requirements to be considered legal for hunting use or sporting clays, skeet, or trap shooting. No firearm may hold more than five rounds.

All firearms and archery equipment must be checked in with Campus Police immediately when brought onto campus. They will be secured in the designated locker at all times, except when checked out to be taken immediately off College property. Immediately upon returning to Campus, the firearm and archery equipment must be checked back in with Campus Police to be secured in the designated locker.

No firearms may be stored in vehicles or residence facilities (on or off campus). Firearms must be carried in a protective case while being transported.

The following are prohibited on College property at all times: handguns, pistols, BB/CO2 guns or pistols or their like, compressed air guns or pistols, air-soft guns or pistols, stun guns, tomahawks or machetes, slingshots, blow guns, switchblade knives, butterfly knives, axes, metal/brass knuckles, fireworks or explosives or chemicals that are explosive in nature (not under the control of an academic department), paintball guns, and any toy or replica thereof. This policy does not apply to law enforcement personnel. The College retains the final authority to evaluate potential dangers and determine what constitutes a dangerous and unauthorized weapon. Items deemed as dangerous and unauthorized weapons may be removed or confiscated at any time. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Director of Public Safety & Chief of Police at 434-223-6164 or the Office of Student Affairs at 434-223-6128.

Violation of this policy will result in action by the Student Justice System including, but not limited to: a fine, the forfeiture of a student’s privileges to keep firearms at the College, the confiscation of said firearm(s) until the student can reasonably return his firearm(s) to his home and verify he has done so, and possible eviction from campus housing.