Important Notices


Hampden-Sydney College, while exempted from Subpart C of the Title Ⅸ regulation with respect to its admission and recruitment activities, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation, or veteran stat us in the operation of its educational programs and with respect to employment. For information on this non-discrimination policy, contact

Barbara Armentrout,
Director of Human Resources,
Box 127,
Hampden-Sydney College,
Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 23943,
telephone (434) 223-6220.


The College does not permit any type of business solicitation on campus without written authorization from the Dean of Students and/or the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer, who confer before a decision is reached. This applies to individuals, students, and non-students, and campus or non-campus groups or organizations, as well as electronic, print, or voice solicitation. Unauthorized solicitors should be promptly reported to the Dean of Students.


Intellectual property produced by a student as part of his course work, thesis or honors research, other than funded research for which the College has obligations to others, is owned by the student as are all copyrights, and revenue derived from it, not the College. Intellectual property created by a student in the course of his employment by the College on a specific project, except for a thesis written by him, as well as intellectual property developed with College resources to the extent that use exceeds what is normally provided students, are the property of the College.


The College has established procedures for addressing written student complaints and is responsible for demonstrating that it follows those procedures when resolving student complaints.

  1. There is a policy for students who wish to appeal the level of their financial award. (Financial Aid Web Page)
  2. Students who believe they have been the subject of harassment or discrimination should specify their complaint under the Code of Student Conduct to the Dean of Students. (Harassment and Discrimination Policy, The Key)
  3. There is a formal procedure for those students who wish to appeal a conviction by the Student Court for a violation of the Honor Code or the Code of Student Conduct resulting in suspension or expulsion. (The Judicial Process, The Key)
  4. There is a formal procedure for those students who wish to appeal a parking ticket. (Car and Bicycle Regulations, The Key)
  5. There is a formal procedure for those students who wish to appeal a grade (Grade Appeal Policy, Academic Catalogue).
  6. There is a formal procedure for those students who wish to appeal a fire safety violation. (Housing Regulations, The Key)
  7. All other student complaints are governed by the following procedure:

    Students who have a grievance (unrelated to financial aid, parking tickets, grades, fire safety violations, or violations of the Honor Code or Code of Student Conduct, all of which have specified means of appeal) should specify their complaint in writing and send it to the Office of the President. The President’s Office will determine which office should handle the complaint directly and respond within 30 days indicating who will handle the issue. A formal response from the applicable office will be forthcoming within 60 days.