Sipping Skills & Low-Risk Drinking

Sipping Skills & Low-Risk Drinking

Sometimes people consume more alcohol than they intend. There are many ways to slow consumption and absorption of alcohol. Some simple techniques include:

  • sip, don't slam
  • use a coozie to keep your drink cold
  • count your drinks
  • take more time for each drink
  • avoid drinking contests or games
  • don't try to keep up with fast drinkers
  • pour your own drink and do not leave it unattended
  • add ice to your drink 
  • alternate with non-alcoholic beverages
  • mix your own drinks to control the alcohol content

Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

0-not drinking is always an option
1-no more than one drink per hour
2-no more than two times per week
3-no more than three drinks per occasion

If you're having multiple drinks per hour, it will take your body more time to eliminate the alcohol. A good rule of thumb is two hours per drink.