Group Counseling

Group Counseling offers an individual a chance to understand feelings and change problem behaviors with the support of peers with similar concerns.  Groups may focus on such topics as managing stress, nurturing relationships, dealing with alcohol or substance abuse, and many other topics. 

Finding a Balance During Stressful Times

(Fall Semester 2014 TBA)
Learn down-to-earth practices that can center and transform your life
When:  TBA
Where:  TBA

*Newcomers welcome anytime*

 HSC COUNSELING CENTER, will guide sessions which include holistic methods to reduce anxiety and depression, relax, focus, and cultivate emotional wellness, Join us any or all Mondays!

Just One ThingJUST ONE THING by Rick Hanson, author of "Buddha's Brain," is the book recommended for the sessions and on sale at HSC Bookstore (optional). By tapping into your potential each week you will discover how to create greater well-being and peace of mind. Brain-training practices help you be more effective at college and at home, including in relationships.

If you are interested in attending any of these sessions or want more information,  simply notify Adrienne Traylor (434-223-6411) in the Wellness Center that you will be coming. 


Just One Thing

Start your morning with a simple 15 minute mindfulness practice
(Fall Semester 2014 TBA)
When:  TBA 
Where:  TBA
For Students, Faculty and Staff.  Drop-in's welcome.

Each morning we will focus on one practice to reinforce being good for yourself, focusing on a meditative way to change your brain for the better, e.g. "noticing you're all right now", "seeing the good in yourself" and "letting go".  Learn a simple meditation practice in the flow.

Show up any or all Fridays!  You're very welcome to join us for this brief and powerful start.

The group will be facilitated by Sherry Ceperich,Ph.D

"Big changes start with just one thing"  - Rick Hanson, author of "Buddha's Brain" and "Just one Thing."


Tuning Your Amygdala

Learn about and use brain science principles to decrease stress and increase wellbeing.  Newcomers welcome anytime.

When:  Fall Semester 2014 TBA
Where:  TBA
Facilitator:  Sherry Ceperich, Ph.D



Time and Date:  TBA, call 434-223-6318
Facilitator:  Shawn White, MA

Focus is empowering students to make healthy choices pertaining to alcohol and other drug use.


C.O.R.E (Cultivating Our Reality)

Time and Date:  TBA, call 434-223-6318
Facilitator:  Shawn White, MA

Support network for students seeking to recover from all types of addiction and addictive behaviors.