Make an Appointment

If you are in crisis, come in to Counseling Services and you will be seen immediately during normal business hours. If you are in crisis after normal business hours, please call Campus Police at 434-223-6164 or go to the nearest emergency room.

To make an appointment with Counseling Services, please contact Adrienne Traylor in the Wellness Center at (434) 223-6411 or She will ask you to come into the office to fill out the Intake Forms and schedule an initial appointment.

  • At the initial appointment, we will review your current situation and determine how best to meet your needs, either through short term individual and group counseling or a referral off campus.
  • If the intake counselor determines that you would benefit from longer-term counseling or counseling requiring a specific expertise not available at our center, we will work with you to find off campus counselors.

Individual Counseling is available to currently enrolled Hampden-Sydney students who meet certain criteria, such as urgent and/or serious mental health concerns or brief psychotherapy. Note that students who do not meet these criteria will be provided with a referral to off-campus providers.

Group Counseling consists of meetings of small groups of currently enrolled students who share a similar concern. A variety of groups are commonly offered each semester, focusing on specific topic areas such as friendship and relationship issues, stress and anxiety management, substance use, grief, etc.