Sexual Identity Development

At times, students have trouble understanding their sexual identity. This can be a confusing, concerning, and stressful time for students. The following are some symptoms students struggling with sexual identity issues might experience:

  • Feels uncertain about sexual orientation.
  • Lacks arousal or desire for opposite-sex partner.
  • Has sexual fantasies and desires about same-sex people, which cause emotional distress.
  • Enjoys sexual activity with someone of the same sex, which causes confusion, guilt, and/or anxiety.
  • Verbalizes depressed mood and diminished interest in campus and academic activities.
  • Experiences intimate relationship conflicts caused by uncertainty about sexual orientation.
  • Verbalizes feelings of guilt, shame, and/or worthlessness based on sexual identity confusion.
  • Conceals sexual identity from significant others.
  • Has concerns about negative reactions from others on campus if sexual identity is made public.

Counseling Services can help you process these feelings and provide you with support while you create a better understanding of your sexual identity.

Other helpful resources for students: