Student Care Committee

This Committee is designed to identify a fellow student who may be struggling with any sort of health or wellness issue.  Such issues may include mental health, physical health, substance use, stress, academics and any other area that may cause you to be concerned about his overall wellness.

By connecting with the Student Care Committee, you are enlisting the help of our health care professionals:


Wellness Center Director, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Sherry Dyche Ceperich
Director of Student Health Services, Beth Graham
Associate Dean of Academic Success, Christa Fye
Assistant Dean of Students, Shawn White
College Counselor, Heather B. Hammock
Dean of Students, David A. Klein
Pastor of College Church and College Chaplain, Rev. David A. Keck
Director of First and Second Year Programs, John Ramsay
Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police, Jeffrey S. Brown