Student Health Insurance

ALL students attending Hampden-Sydney College are required to have health insurance.   Effective with the fall semester 2016, the College no longer sponsors a student health insurance plan for domestic students.

International Students

International Students are required to purchase the Student Health Plan.


All athletes at Hampden-Sydney College must have primary health insurance before they are allowed to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Every full-time student who participates in intercollegiate athletics is automatically enrolled in the Hampden-Sydney College Athletics Excess Insurance Plan. In the event of an athletic-related injury, which is defined as an injury incurred during participation in an NCAA sanctioned team practice, supervised team conditioning, or competition, you must:

  1. Report the injury to your supervising team athletic trainer or head athletic trainer immediately
  2. The supervising team athletic trainer will fill out the claim form with the athlete present at a time shortly after the time of injury
  3. The claim form will then be filed with Gallagher Sports & Special Risks department no later than 90 days from the date of the injury. This step is typically performed a day or two following the date of injury once the athlete's injury has stabilized.
  4. When an athlete is referred for health services pertaining to their injury, you must:
    1. Present your primary insurance card at the time of the initial visit.
    2. Present the Hampden-Sydney College Athletics Excess Insurance card which will be provided to the athlete through their team athletic-trainer. The athlete's school issued student ID# will be their link to the excess policy and should be given at the time of the initial visit.
    3. All medical claims will be filed with the policy holder's primary insurance company.
    4. Once the primary insurance company has paid its portion of the claim, remaining balances of the bill, along with an explanation of benefits (EOB) will be sent to Gallagher for processing. This process can take several weeks to months to complete.

  1. This is only an excess policy covering the portion not covered by the primary policy. If the primary insurance company denies benefits, Hampden-Sydney's excess policy may not assume the entire cost of the bill. The excess policy will not cover any deductibles or co-pays.
  2. Please be advised that if you are submitting an HMO or PPO as your primary carrier, that these companies often will not provide benefits if your son is seen out of network. In the event that your son suffers a non-athletic related injury here at Hampden-Sydney and needs to see a doctor, your company may not pay for the visit unless he comes home. As you know, this is not always feasible, especially in the event of a serious injury. The cost of that treatment will have to be paid by you.
  3. Remember!  Hampden-Sydney Colleges' athletic excess insurance policy covers only new athletically-related injuries that are sustained during NCAA sanctioned competition or supervised practice. Pre-existing injuries, off-season (any period not specified by the NCAA as sanctioned practice, or weight lifting in the off-season) injuries, captain's practice, injuries incurred during the season that are not directly related to in-season competition or a supervised practice are not covered. Second opinions will not be covered without the consultation of the team physician and athletic training staff. If additional appointments are made without consultation, your primary insurance company will be the sole provider.

Injuries on Hampden-Sydney College Property 

All injuries, other than athletic injuries, while on Hampden-Sydney College property should be reported to the Wellness Center within 24 hours of the accident/injury.  

Insurance on Personal Possessions

College insurance does not cover losses of personal property (including motor vehicles) of students as a result of fire, theft, damage, etc.  Therefore, parents, guardians, or students are urged to consider a floater on their insurance policy to cover such possessions.  

Auto Insurance: The Use of Personal Vehicles for College Business

Students operating their personal vehicle or a borrowed vehicle while traveling on College business have primary insurance coverage under that vehicle's insurance policy. Only when a student drives a College-owned vehicle or a College-leased vehicle is coverage is provided under the College's insurance. College insurance provides coverage for damages to the College's vehicle, a College-leased vehicle, and any other vehicles or property, should the student be held responsible for such damages. When a student uses his personal vehicle to travel on College business, the insurance on that vehicle is primary for damages to the vehicle used and any other vehicles or property, should the student be held responsible for such damages.

Students planning to travel for the College should take into account these insurance provisions. Any questions regarding the vehicle insurance policy should be directed to the Controller in Cabell House.