Substance Education

Many environmental and individual factors contribute to substance abuse and addiction. Given that college may be the first time a student is away from family and friends, substance education is provided to increase knowledge of the basic trends associated with drug use, abuse, dependency, and risk factors. By providing a variety of educational opportunities for students and student groups, students make healthier, informed decisions, and set this example for others to follow. 

In addition to providing educational programming, the College is interested in providing support to any students who may be having substance use problems. If you are aware of a student who may be having substance use issues, please bring him to my attentionStudent Health Services or the Counseling Services. These services are confidential to the full extent allowed by law.

The online "Suggestion Box" is a resource for your serious questions, comments, or referrals on substance education at H-SC. Please share your views with us.

Student Care Team / Express a Concern about a Student

Shawn White
Assistant Dean of Students for Substance Education
Wellness Center, Joyner House
(434) 223-6318

Programs and Resources

Substance Education and Abuse on the web: