Substance Education

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Raising individual and collective consciousness about substance abuse is of utmost importance for H-SC students. Hampden-Sydney brothers agree that collective action is necessary to their success, and students capable of doing so, lead by example. They make healthy, informed decisions, and set this example for others to follow with the hope that the world they create is strong and sustainable.

The College's mission of developing Good Men and Good Citizens is at the core of the College's desire for healthy and informed decision making by our students and the greater community.  In order to heighten awareness of the benefits of not abusing substances as well as the risks associated, our goal is to increase the level of knowledge for every student by providing a variety of educational opportunities for students and student groups.

In addition to providing educational programming, the College is interested in providing support to any students who may be having substance use problems. If you are aware of a student who may be having substance use issues, please bring him to my attention, Student Health Services or the Counseling Center. These services are confidential to the full extent allowed by law.

Also, our online "Suggestion Box" is a resource for your serious questions, comments, or referrals on substance education at HSC. Please take advantage of this opportunity and share your views with us. We appreciate your support. 


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