Becoming Tobacco Free


Anyone can quit tobacco. Use these tips to help make the transition to a tobacco free life.

  • If you have the urge to smoke or use tobacco, chew a piece of gum, a toothpick, a straw, sunflower seeds or use mint/cinnamon candy.
  • If you need something to occupy your hands while doing things that were once associated with smoking try twisting the rubber band, doodling or playing with a pencil, straw or something like silly putty.
  • It helps to make a list of your reasons for quitting. Re-read the list periodically when the cravings come or if you feel a loss of motivation.
  • Tell friends that you are quitting. Wearing a button or sticker on yourself or book bag. Ask friends for support and encouragement during difficult moments.
  • Collect money that you would have spent on cigarettes for the day or week in a bag. Either save it or splurge on something fun that you deserve.
  • Read the literature to find out the health rewards you will gain by quitting smoking. Many rewards start within 24 hours.
  • Exercise! Take the stairs. Go for a walk. All of these things will help you alleviate stress and burn calories.
  • Choose a quit method that you feel will offer you the most success such as Zyban, the patch, the gum, the spray, the puffer, and/or behavioral changes.

Kicking the habit can be hard. Remember to take one day at a time.

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