Recovery Community

H-SC Recovery Communitee

Hampden-Sydney's Recovery Community, established in March of 2014. The community's mission is to support and encourage young adult recovery from substance addiction and process addictions (gambling, eating, video/gaming, spending, sex, internet surfing and work). Recovery efforts are coordinated by a part-time project coordinator and student intern with additional assistance from peer mentors. Students involved must be willing to support those in recovery, have interest in being part of a recovery-focused community, or be in recovery themselves. Recovery programing includes weekly support meetings, healthy social alternatives, connection to health and wellness services, and additional rehabilitative referrals. Hampden-Sydney's Recovery Community also offers academic advocacy, student conduct advocacy, admissions advocacy, and alumni support.

Though Hampden-Sydney's Recovery Community is small, ranging from 4-10 students at any one time (on our campus of approximately 1100 students), all students are encouraged to participate in any elements along with friends and family members who are allies for recovery.

Serving and supporting H-SC's Recovery Community through:  

The Student Network
The SN is a peer-based, community building mentor program motivated by the student leaders of Hampden-Sydney College. THE NET is substantial at providing accountability in healthy decision-making, information exchange for the student body, and assistance to incoming students as they adjust to The Hill. The Student Network sponsors healthy social alternatives, motivational speakers, and other activities.  

The No More. Campaign
The NMC began as a movement by the students of Hampden-Sydney College in 2011 to raise awareness of prescription drug abuse and the importance of making healthy choices. Today it remains true to the mission of advocating recovery and building cohesion of brothers helping brothers who may be challenged by substance use. NMC promotion includes candlelight vigils, meetings and retreats, and visits to area high schools.

Did You Know?

  • 48% of all substance abuse treatment admission come from young adults ages 18-25 (Hingston et al., 2009)
  • 1,825 college students DIE each year due to alcohol-related injuries (Hingston et al., 2009)
  • Every year, over 159,000 of the nation's freshmen will drop out of their college or university due to substance abuse (Center for Substance Abuse Prevention)
  • College students are the fastest growing segment seeking treatment for substance use disorder, 1,143% increase in the past decade (SAMSHA)

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Assistant Dean for Substance Education
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