Got a Question? Text About It!

Text About It logo As a reflection of Hampden-Sydney College's commitment to fostering a safer, more comfortable learning environment, we are providing a program called TxtAboutIt, an anonymous, secure messaging system connecting people in need with a staff member ready to assist. 

Carter Myers, Hampden-Sydney College Class of 1995, is CEO and founder of TxtAboutIt. Myers knew text messaging questions or concerns privately and anonymously would appeal to young people. Today, students across the United States rely on TxtAboutIt for assistance. As the nation's first and only anonymous online messaging service for schools, TxtAboutIt is focused on bridging the communication gap between students and staff.

At Hampden-Sydney, TxtAboutIt is provided to address concerns ranging from stress, academics, help for friends, and thoughts of suicide to drug and alcohol issues, depression and anxiety, or simply everyday questions students have regarding any subject. TxtAboutIt:

  • Opens the channel and frequency of communications between students and staff.
  • Fosters a safer and more comfortable learning environment.
  • Provides students with a mechanism to reach out to adults and ask questions or report concerns anonymously.
  • Builds positive connections between students and staff members.
  • Resolves student concerns in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.
  • Allow students to assist in creating and maintaining a safe school environment.
  • Provides broadcast notification to students when critical information needs to be shared instantly.