Student Wellness Advocates

Students talk in front of Venable Hall at Hampden-Sydney College

What is a Wellness Advocate?
Wellness Advocates are students who have an interest in educating peers about physical and mental health and making healthy lifestyle choices. The program was developed by the Wellness Center (WC) and is supervised by Wellness Center staff. The purpose of a Wellness Advocate is to provide students with educational programs to promote health and wellness and give input to WC staff about wellness issues important to students.

What is Peer Education?
Peer Education is students learning from other students. The goal is to help students develop the tools needed for making informed health choices, achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and functioning more effectively with others and in groups.

Who are Wellness Advocates?
Wellness Advocates are students who combine their specialized training in Health Education and Wellness with a desire to make a difference on campus. Peer Health Educators are responsible, enthusiastic, dedicated student leaders who provide workshops, facilitate discussions, and attend and/or sponsor campus events under the umbrella of the Wellness Center.

What is the main goal of a Wellness Advocate at H-SC?
To increase awareness and understanding of men's health issues and what it means to live a holistically well lifestyle.

Be a Wellness Advocate

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Attend two mandatory trainings early each semester
  • Attend one-hour weekly planning/training meetings
  • Designing, presenting, and marketing outreach programs
  • Assist in designing and distributing flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials
  • Attending other required Peer Health Education training/workshops
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement and Wellness Advocate statement of commitment
  • Provide guidance to Wellness Center staff about student perspectives and needs
  • After training, you can expect to perform 1-3 hours a week of peer activities, depending on your role in the program.

Benefits of being a Wellness Advocate:

  • Gain extensive knowledge on health topics, such as: alcohol/substances, nutrition, sexual assault, sexually transmitted diseases, and mental health.
  • Become part of a highly skilled, diverse team of students committed to providing accurate, nonjudgmental college-health information to the H-SC Community.
  • Develop teaching, communication, presentation, and group facilitation skills.
  • Become a recognized member of the Wellness Center team.
  • Contribute significantly to the growth of the Peer Health Education program.

How to Become a Wellness Advocate

An interview is required and will be scheduled upon receipt of the completed application.

A strong Wellness Advocate applicant should possess these qualities:

  • Interest and enthusiasm in promoting healthy behaviors among your fellow students
  • Openness to various cultures, practices, and sexual orientations
  • Sensitivity to controversial and personal topics, with willingness to talk candidly about them
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Positive attitude/role model
  • Good academic standing, minimum of 2.75 GPA (both semester and cumulative) as well as be in good non-academic standing with Hampden-Sydney College
  • Make smart and healthy choices involving alcohol, if of age to use
  • Not engage in the use of illegal substance or illegal acts involving substances
  • Be familiar with resources available on campus
  • Ability to work as a team member
  • Possess solid time management skills

For More Information:
For questions and additional information, please contact the Wellness Center at (434) 223-6411.