ScholarshipsHAMPDEN-SYDNEY COLLEGE remains committed to supporting exceptional students regardless of their economic resources. Scholarship assistance gives students with financial need and those of merit the opportunity to undertake Hampden-Sydney's rigorous curriculum while depending less on loans.

Nearly 95% of the College's students receive scholarships based on academic accomplishment or financial need.

With reduced debt, students are freer to go on to graduate or professional school and can "give back" to their communities at a younger age. In helping to build scholarships at Hampden-Sydney College, donors will help to change the lives of these students for the better and to influence, in turn, the lives of the people they encounter.

Giving Opportunities For
Endowed Scholarships

Full Academic Scholarship $600,000
Honors Scholarships
Allan $500,000
Venable $400,000
Patrick Henry $250,000
Departmental Scholarships
(Partial tuition for majors) $100,000
Achievement Awards
President's Award $300,000
Dean's Award $150,000
Alumni Award $75,000
Named Scholarship
(Need-based partial tuition) $50,000
E-mail Lee King, Vice-President of Institutional Advancement for more information.

JAMES BARTON '06 is thankful to have gotten a number of scholarships. "They have lifted a huge financial burden," he says, "and I am looking forward to not having large loans to pay off after I graduate." James's scholarships also have a more immediate effect. They mean that, instead of having to hold down a job during the school year, he can concentrate on learning and participating in College life: "They have freed me to pursue whatever I've wanted to do here. It's been wide open for me." He has been a member of the soccer team and the Student Court; he has also completed the Society of '91 leadership training program and is a Head Resident Advisor.

"Getting a good education was first and foremost," says James, a psychology major, about why he decided to come to Hampden-Sydney, "and I was going to do whatever was necessary to accom-plish that. The scholar-ships have allowed me to take full advantage of Hampden-Sydney."

The John A. Owen Scholarship also brought James another gift, the friendship and support of his benefactor. "I have corresponded with Mr. Owen, and I enjoyed meeting him at the scholarship reception," James says. "I got a very nice letter from him,

, talking about his experience at Hampden-Sydney and how it feels coming back here."

James looks forward to taking what he has learned at Hampden-Sydney to a company with a number of leadership and advancement opportunities. "My scholarships have made all the difference in my education," he says. "Now I feel I can make a difference too."

Scholarships "I know my tuition doesn't cover the full cost of my education," says outstanding student-athlete Kerry Burke '07. "The privileges I enjoy here, from lectures and programs to the uniform I wear on the soccer field, are made possible by the gifts of people who care about this College."