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INTERNATIONAL STUDY OFFERS MORE to students than proficiency in a new language. They also encounter cultures and social and political perspectives unlike their own, leading them to clarify their beliefs about the world. International study is a powerful complement to the educational setting of the campus community.

Andrew Walshe'02 in Stockholm on a bicycling-study tour of Sweden and Norway during his year of international study at the London School of Economics.

ANDREW WALSHE '02 wanted a challenge, and he got one. The Venable Honors Scholar from Herndon, Virginia, decided that he wanted to study at the internationally recognized London School of Economics. "it has some of the brightest economics students in the world, so being a part of that group was both an honor and the challenge that I wanted," he says.

At the School, Andrew worked with people from all across Europe. He showed no deficiencies in mastering the subject: "the topics I studied in London were similar to those I would have been studying during my junior year at Hampden-Sydney," he adds, "but a little more advanced."

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The experience proved valuable for the economics major, who received job offers right after graduation. "I think having studied abroad at such a prestigious school helped me stand out from the crowd," he offered. Rather than joining the work force, Andrew entered graduate school, earning a Master's degree in accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is an accountant with the international financial firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.