We Look Ahead


Matthew Zaytoun '07 of Charlotte, North Carolina, is the sort of young man, active in mind, body, and spirit, whom Hampden-Sydney College prides itself on producing.

Killian Zimmerman is typical of the students who, with the aid of professors and funds from endowment, do real research, often publishing the results in professional journals.
IN THE MIDST OF TODAY'S COMPLEXITY, our society sorely needs colleges like Hampden-Sydney. Now, as always, education, civility, and honor-the most cherished tenets of this College-remain powerful weapons against ignorance, fear, and tyranny. This College's historical success, its excellent record in education and leadership, and its longevity are commendable. But more important to society today is what happens on this campus now. Boys, some scholars, some not, some astoundingly promising, enter the College's gate. Supported by a close-knit academic community, tempered by success and failure, tested and proved worthy, they grow in knowledge and wisdom. Their lives are transformed.

Hampden-Sydney boys become the men the world needs.

We must make sure that such a place as Hampden-Sydney College continues, because it is here and now-at a college older than the nation-that the future of our society is born.

For these men, their future, and the communities in which they will live, we ask that you help us to assure that Hampden-Sydney College continues to offer a place for them to learn, to change, and to grow.