Alex Cartwright '13

Economics & Government

Sophomore Alexander C. Cartwright, Class of 2013, was recently appointed to serve as the Chairman for The Student Campaign for Philanthropy Week, the College's student philanthropy efforts for The Hampden-Sydney Fund.  Cartwright knows how to keep his schedule full, as he heads the Pre-Law Society, serves with the Presidents Men, and debates in the Union Philanthropic Literary Society.  A Double major in Economics and Government, Cartwright hails from Howard, Georgia and plans to pursue law school. Alex explains that he sought to serve Hampden-Sydney in this capacity because, "Hampden-Sydney has created a unique atmosphere that pushes us to become more than we could ever become by our individual efforts; I think ensuring this institution's capacity to educate future generations is part of being a Hampden-Sydney Man".

The Student Campaign for Philanthropy Week is the student-led effort to instill the positive habits of giving back to the College.  During the week of February 14-18, 2011, the Student Campaign will be in full swing to help educate freshmen, sophomores, and juniors the benefits of supporting Hampden-Sydney.  Cartwright notes that, "the key to making the student campaign successful is taking a personal approach to each donor. No kind of electronic advertising can out perform human interaction, and interactions between my team and the students will be a chief focus during the campaign."