John Cronly '06

Applied Mathematics

John Cronly, Class of 2006, represents the dynamic impact that a young alumnus can make on Hampden-Sydney College.  A graduate from St. Christopher's School in Richmond, John graduated with a B.S. in applied mathematics and was a brother of Kappa Sigma Fraternity.  Prior to his appointment as Chairman of the Young Founders, Cronly served as Class Agent working to bring the Class of 2006 together in giving back to the College.

During his senior year, Cronly was instrumental in leading the charge for the Class of 2006 Senior Campaign, currently the largest yielding senior campaign on record with the College.  With 100% class participation, the class honored a departed brother, Peter C. Bance, Jr. '06 with both an endowed and annual scholarship bearing Peter's name. 

As the new Young Founders Chairman, Cronly will be instrumental in bridging the College's efforts to grow the Society of Founders-networking within the ten most recent graduating classes and building their giving.

Cronly is President of Hampden Hill Custom Building, a construction firm in Richmond, Virginia specializing in renovations and additions.