Grants Funding

Working with administration, faculty, and volunteers, the Director of Grants and Special Projects secures support from companies, private organizations, and charitable foundations for academic programs and other College-wide initiatives, construction and renovation, professorships, and scholarships.

Through such fundraising efforts, the College has received grants from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation, and a number of other Virginia- and national-based organizations. In 2007, the College secured a prestigious Kresge Foundation grant in support of the construction of the new Library.

Faculty and friends of the College are encouraged to bring potential sources of support to the Director's attention and to contact this office before seeking private funding from corporations and foundations.

For more information, please contact

Mrs. Eunice W. Carwile
Director of Grants and Special Projects
(800) 865-1776