Getting a Grant

If you need funding for yourself, your department, your research, or just your operations, we suggest the following actions:

  1. See what the College has to offer: contact the Dean of the Faculty or the Associate Dean to see what funding is available internally and to notify him of your intention to seek grant funding.
  2. Contact Eunice Carwile, the Director of Grants and Special Projects, who will coordinate your efforts to secure funding with the College's other fundraising efforts and help you with the necessary steps. She will
       a. let colleagues in Institutional Advancement know that you have a funding need,
       b. run a search for possible funding sources on subscription databases,
       c. give you a list of possible funding agencies, their guidelines, proposal process, and deadlines,
       d. help you develop an inquiry or a proposal,
       e. put the final request package together, getting the necessary authorizations and signatures and making sure the deadline is met.
  3. Supply a narrative that covers the following:
       a. the purpose of your project or program: what need does it address?
       b. a brief history of your efforts to meet that need,
       c. a connection between your efforts and the mission of the College,
       d. a description of your activities-the work that you want to do,
       e. what your objectives are,
       f. how, specifically, you intend to meet them,
       g. a timeline: when you intend to start and finish,
       h. a list of estimated costs (travel, supplies, printing, equipment, personnel, other).


  • All funding agencies require institutional approval of grant requests, which means they must be signed by the Dean, President, or other authorized administrative officer and coordinated through the Office of Grants & Special Projects.
  • The Business Office and/or the Dean must approve of any budgets and cost estimates generated.
  • Many foundation grants require the College to match them - to put up money to match the funder's.
  • Most foundation grants require 12 to 16 months from inception to funding.
  • Only requests for well-planned and developed programs around good ideas will be successful.
  • All foundations require reports on grant activities, which are also coordinated through the Office of Grants & Special Projects.