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T he Society of Founders is not named lightly. With your gift, you sign the charter of Hampden-Sydney College, alongside Patrick Henry and James Madison. You offer, as they did, your resources as a foundation for the College's enduring mission.

M embership in the Society of Founders is an investment in the continuing independence of Hampden-Sydney and in the high quality of education it offers.

A nnual memberships in the Society of Founders provide invaluable income—money urgently needed to maintain the educational standards of the College in an increasingly competitive environment.

A ll Founders receive a Football parking pass, an invitation to the annual Founders dinner, and free admission to selected alumni events.

"The involvement for Founders, as for others who give of their time and talent, is much more than an impersonal and non-committal relationship. It is akin to being a member of a family --- an ever-growing family that is committed to making Hampden-Sydney College great!"

John C. Ellis, Jr. '70
Chairman of the Society

T he Society of Founders welcomes alumni, parents, and friends of Hampden-Sydney College. Your annual gift is a vote of confidence in the future of the College.

There are seven levels of annual membership.
Benefits: A football parking pass, an invitation to Founders Weekend, and other similar privileges for each Society.

Slate Hill Society Slate Hill Society ($25,000 or more)

Cushing Society Cushing Society ($15,000 - $24,999)

Venable Society Venable Society ($8,400 - $14,999)

Atkinson Society Atkinson Society ($4,200 - $8,399)

Atkinson Society Chalgrove Society ($3,000 - $4,199)

Cabell Society Cabell Society ($1,800 - $2,999)

Gammon Society

Gammon Society (1-15 years out of Hampden-Sydney)

1-3: $300 ($25/month)
4-6: $600 ($50/month)
7-9: $900 ($75/month)
10-12: $1,200 ($100/month)
13-15: $1,500 ($125/month)

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