Student Philanthropy Week

Our Mission:
To tell the story of the late Professor John Luster Brinkley '59 and to raise awareness and appreciation for the impact and importance of annual giving to the College through a student-led fundraising campaign.

The Brinkley Week Board of Student Leaders:

Tarun Sharma '15, Chairman
Khobi Williamson '14, Vice Chairman for Athlete Participation
Jack Cantlay '13, Vice Chairman for Fraternity Participation
Connor Rund '13, Chairman of the Class of 2013 Scholarship Campaign
Brandon Long '14, Vice Chairman for Class of 2014
Pete Dooley '15, Vice Chairman for Class of 2015
R.M. Pfeiff '16, Vice Chairman for Class of 2016


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How Philanthropy Week became known as Brinkley Week

In 2010, Philanthropy Week began as a humble campaign to raise awareness among students about the importance and impact of philanthropic giving to Hampden-Sydney College. The campaign initially consisted of nothing more than informational posters around campus and a series of YouTube videos but has now grown into a major student-led fundraising effort involving dozens of student volunteers.

Upon graduation, the class of 2013 will have experienced every Philanthropy Week, one during each of their academic years. Among current students, Philanthropy Week has a strong reputation and has become respected as a tradition. Some students will graduate as three and even four-year consecutive donors, an indication that the program is achieving its mission of creating a tradition of annual giving among current students.

In 2012, just days after John Brinkley's death, Tarun Sharma '15, Chairman of the Student Giving Campaign, noticed an old senior campaign t-shirt in the Brinkley exhibit in the library. The t-shirt features John Brinkley and his iconic cane and cigar with a message "Professor Brinkley wants you to give to Hampden-Sydney." Tarun had an idea: "Let's hold Philanthropy Week during Macon Week, and remember Professor Brinkley with the campaign."

Tarun's idea was incredibly appropriate, for Professor Brinkley gave his life to our College. Hampden-Sydney's first Rhodes Scholar, Brinkley was an incredible student, giving his all in the classroom. A legendary professor, Brinkley spent decades pushing his students to do their best. On the sidelines, Brinkley cheered passionately for Hampden-Sydney's scholar athletes. The author of On This Hill: A Narrative History of Hampden-Sydney College 1774-1994, Brinkley made our College's story available to the world.

As an alumnus, Brinkley set the standard for giving to the College. Professor Brinkley made his first gift the year he graduated-$5.00 in 1959-and he gave every year for the rest of his life. His commitment continues even after his death, as he gave a portion of his estate to Hampden-Sydney. When it comes to supporting Hampden-Sydney, Brinkley set the standard.

What better time to remember Professor Brinkley than the week before The Game? The rivalry with Randolph-Macon was one of Brinkley's favorite traditions, and this year, Professor Brinkley's memorial service will take place on November 10, 2012, the morning of The Game. November 10th is an important date in Hampden-Sydney's history, for our first day of classes was November 10, 1775. It's Hampden-Sydney's birthday. All of this gives Brinkley Week 2012 an even larger narrative and deeper meaning: remembering Professor Brinkley with a gift to the College on her birthday.

Each year, the Student Senate competes with Ranolph-Macon to see which group can raise the most money for a local nonprofit organization. This year, the Student Senate has partnered with Brinkley Week to raise money for The Hampden-Sydney Fund. The campaign will focus on Professor Brinkley's love for Hampden-Sydney, his loyal giving to the College, and his passion for the Randolph-Macon rivalry.