Billing and Charges

Billing Restrictions

For long distance calls each student issued an authorization code will receive his own telephone bill from BTI. Your BTI authorization code will allow you to place calls from any Meridian telephone on campus (not including pay telephones) and have them billed to your account.

Telecommunications Charges:

  • Equipment Replacement Fees
    • Cable TV Convertor Box (off campus)  $105.00
    • TV Cable 12' RG6 White    $3.50
    • M-2006 Telephone            $100.00
    • Phone 6' Handset Cord    $3.50
    • Phone 6' Base Cord            $3.50

NOTE: All rates are subject to change. Charges for repairs to telephones and replacement of damaged items will be determined by the Telecommunications Department. Those assigned the equipment will be invoiced accordingly.

BTI does not require a deposit for domestic long-distance service. No subscription fee or monthly service fee will be charged for an authorization code. A deposit will be required for international long-distance services and to increase your credit limit.


Past-Due Accounts

BTI and Hampden-Sydney College will deny long-distance service to students with past-due telephone bills. If your account goes into past due status, the entire account due must be paid in full before your account is reactivated. BTI will charge a service fee for all returned checks representing payment for long-distance service.

Access to Other Long-Distance Carriers and Operators

The College does not charge for the use of its limited number of lines available for calls requiring telephone company operator assistance (credit card, outgoing collect, etc.); however, your long distance provider may charge a premium for the use of their long-distance telephone card service. You may find that the operator-assisted lines are often busy during peak usage hours (approximately 6 pm to 11 pm). Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use direct-dial long-distance lines and your BTI authorization code whenever possible. There are two excellent reasons for using direct dial. The first is lower rates. The second is much faster service, compared to credit card calls.