Equipment & Repair

Telephone Equipment

Hampden-Sydney telephones will work only on telephone lines at Hampden-Sydney College. Telephones must be plugged into the blue icon in your office room. Other telephones (analog or digital), answering machines, and modems will not work within the Hampden-Sydney telephone system. As an alternative to answering machines, Meridian Voice Mail is provided. If you would like a facsimile connection, contact the telecommunications office at extension 6373. Connections are provided on a fee basis.

Your Hampden-Sydney College telephone should not be disconnected for any reason. It is equipped with an alarm system which will be activated when the phone is disconnected.

It is extremely important to locate your phone in the proper place where it will not be damaged. Do not place your phone on the floor as it will be exposed to damage, including spills, foot traffic, and dust. Your telephone is an electronic device and may be easily damaged if not cared for properly.

Telephone Repair Service

To report any service problems with your telephone, call Telecommunication Services at 6373. If you must leave a message, please leave the number of the disabled phone, a contact number where you can be reached, and the time when someone will be in the office.

Note that the local telephone company will not be able to answer questions about, or make repairs to, Hampden-Sydney College telephones. Do not disconnect your telephone as this will deactivate the telephone from the system. If you disconnect the telephone you must request a reconnect.