General Functions

General Functions

Press transfer key (call is automatically placed on hold), dial number to which you want to transfer the call (stay on the line if you wish to announce the call), press transfer key again, and hang up. (Not available on student phones.)

Ring Again:
If an on-campus number rings busy, press the Ring Again button. When the dialed number is free, the indicator light will flash beside the Ring Again button. Pick up the receiver, press the Ring Again button, and the number will begin ringing.

Lift handset and press the extension number key (bottom button on your phone). The last number dialed is automatically dialed again. This feature applies only to on-campus, local, and 800 services.

Without lifting handset, press the Forward key, dial the number to which calls are to be forwarded, press the Forward key again. To cancel, press the Forward key once. To reinstate Call Forward to the same number, press the Forward key twice. (Not available on student phones.)

Conference Calling:
Place your first call in the normal fashion, press the Conference key (the first call is placed on hold), and dial the second number. To connect all three parties, press the Conference key again. All parties will be connected. Repeat as necessary. The limit for a conference call is 6 parties. (Not available on all phones.)