Network Access

Hampden-Sydney College Data Network Information Phone numbers and contacts:
  • Computing Center Help Desk 6911(on-campus only)
  • Johns Computer Lab 6373

User Name (User ID):

Everyone using the Hampden-Sydney data communications network must have a user name and a network address. Each person's user name is listed in this directory to facilitate sending and receiving electronic mail.

Electronic Mail:

All administrative staff, faculty, and students can use electronic mail both on campus and through the Internet. Anyone with an account can send and receive electronic mail at any hour, any day of the year. All accounts are unique so that each individual may have a personal electronic mail box for receiving mail messages. Although the Computing Center is not open 24 hours, 7 days a week, the computers serving the campus are always ready for users to make use of their resources through network access.

Staff and faculty: The standard user name (account name*) is first initial of the first name and their last name. Staff and faculty are requested to attend a short workshop to attain proficiency in using the network to obtain an account.
Students: The standard user name (account name*) is last name plus the first initial of the first name. Freshmen are provided an account during orientation which remains valid throughout their time as students.

*In the case of duplicates middle initial is sometimes used.