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The Record January 2014

January 2014

Glory Days (Reprise)

We all have some particularly fond memories of our years at Hampden-Sydney. Many of those memories involve spending time with a small group of close friends, sometimes just hanging around a dorm room talking like we did so many other days and nights. For Charlie Bowles ’82Greg Currie ’82, and Ranny Heflin ’82, their thing was getting together to play guitar in the basement of the Kappa Alpha house. When they gathered to record one last jam session just before graduation, they probably had no idea that day would mean so much to them more than 30 years later. Full story...

Creating a New Heart of the Campus

Plans are underway for the construction of a student center on the site of the former Eggleston Library. The new building, with its strategic location between the Commons in Settle Hall and the Bortz Library, is expected to provide a social and activities hub for the campus.

“We have never really had a student center at Hampden-Sydney,” says Dean of Students David A. Klein ’78, “so we are still working out exactly what we need and what the students want. One great advantage we have in that process is the incredible success we have had with the Bortz Library as a place where students go, not just to study or to look up a book, but as a focal point of activity on campus. Students are there all the time. A lot of that success lies in the informal gathering spaces where you and a friend can find a little spot and have a conversation. We want to take that success and replicate it in the student center.” Full story...

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