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The Record January 2015


Remembering John Hampden

In the United States, John Hampden has slipped into obscurity. Few alumni know anything about him. But the founders of this College used his name for a reason.

He represented something that epitomized the original intent “to form good men and good citizens,” the school’s mission to this day. Perhaps by exploring his life and principles, we can grasp a better understanding of what Samuel Stanhope Smith wanted to convey to future generations when he first came home from Princeton with the idea for this eponym in the summer of 1775.

Who was Hampden? Full story...

Energy Research Laboratory

Students and faculty in the Physics and Astronomy Department and the Mathematics and Computer Science Department have been given an unusual opportunity. They will investigate energy monitoring, energy conservation, and sustainable housing in a grant-based project on campus.

Pensmore Foundation, chaired by Steven Huff '73, who is also chairman of TF Concrete Forming Systems, has given the College $150,000 to build the Energy Research Laboratory, a 26'x45' structure that will feature advanced building materials and technologies. Students are tasked with developing new software, hardware, and temperature and power monitoring devices in an effort to test the functionality of the building and their own equipment.  Full story...

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