A little dose of reality

Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff (front, center) with students after his inspirational talk.

Hampden-Sydney students got a lesson in reality television and entrepreneurship from Matt Roloff, the father on TLC network’s show Little People, Big World. Once an aspiring farmer, Roloff  has converted his family’s 34-acre Oregon homestead into a popular agri-tourism destination. The family became the subjects of a television program and Roloff is also the author of two books, including Against Tall Odds.

In addition to his celebrity, Roloff has considerable business experience. He was a top salesman for Fortune 500 companies and currently owns a manufacturing company specializing in mobility equipment designed for little people. He has served as President of Little People of America and has since co-founded a non-profit organization that supports little people across the nation. Roloff has also made three humanitarian trips to the Middle East to facilitate life saving medical efforts for little people in Iraq.

Aside from Roloff’s entrepreneurial success and celebrity, it is his personal story that has truly inspired so many. He has viewed the social stigmas and physical limitations of being a dwarf not as obstacles but as opportunities, helping him thrive in a world not always welcoming.  

Roloff has been interviewed on Oprah, The View, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News,  and in the New York Times and People Magazine, as well as many other media outlets. His appearance at Hampden-Sydney College was made possible by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy.