Getting international


Students in MünsterHampden-Sydney celebrated its inaugural session this year as the administrative institution in charge of the Münster Summer Program in Germany.

Professor Dirk Johnson taught 14 students from four colleges in the northeastern German city for four weeks in a cultural and language immersion program.

The program was originally started in 1971 by Vassar College and has sent more than a thousand students to study in Germany. "We are very excited to become the sponsoring college," says Dr. Johnson. "Not only is this a great way to expand our own students' education of the German language and culture, but it also gives Hampden-Sydney College a tremendous amount of exposure at colleges and universities across the United States."

A little further south, at the Instituto Franklin of the Universidad de Alcala near Madrid, Professors Dieudonné Afatsawo and Germán Salinas taught 21 Hampden-Sydney students during May Term. Naturally, the program includes intensive language training, but the program's proximity to Madrid affords students access to amazing Spanish cultural highlights.

"When students are not staying with their host families," says Dr. Afatsawo, "they can easily visit places like El Rastro, the open-air flea market on Sunday; the famous Museo del Prado, which is home to works by many European masters; or Las Ventas, Madrid's majestic bullring. Madrid has so much to offer students of Spanish culture."