From the Big Leagues to the big time

Changes? Check. Challenges? Check. Ready? You'd better believe it.

Nash NanceThis is a big year for Nash Nance '15. The Tigers starting quarterback transferred to Hampden-Sydney this summer after two years on the sidelines at the University of Tennessee. He wants to spend his college years playing football, so he looked for a school where he can play from day one and have fun doing it.

With the graduation of quarterback Travis Lane, the position was open at Hampden-Sydney and Nance saw in the College a lot of what he loved at Darlington School, the prep school in Rome, Georgia, he attended for many years.

"Some of my best memories are from Darlington. I loved the atmosphere and
the people. When I first stepped on campus here, I got that same feeling I had at Darlington."

He has only a few games under his belt in Everett Stadium, but he loves the field and having the crowd so close to the game.

"Playing here is very personal. It's great when you score a touchdown and fans are right there, ten feet away. It must be very intimidating for visiting players. At Tennessee, the stands didn't even begin until 20 yards behind the bench. Here, I could toss the ball to my parents."

Though he loves the home crowds, getting a win on the road is even sweeter. "On the road, right when you get off the bus you don't know where anything is and people are directing you around. It's a little disorienting, but that's okay. Football is the unexpected, and to go onto someone else's home field and leave with a win is just the icing on the cake. That bus ride home with the team is so much fun, reliving the big plays, laughing about funny things that happened. I love it."

It looks like Nash has found exactly what he was looking for: a real team. Playing at Hampden-Sydney is not about personal achievement; it's about working together for the win.

"When I came here, I knew I would have a bulls eye on my back, but I told Coach Favret that I just want to win games. I don't care if we throw the ball five times or 50 times. I want to win."