A Call for Good Citizenship

James Barton '06, alumni relations director

In this issue of The Record, we emphasize our mission to form good citizens, especially those who help their communities and other organizations. In furthering this message, I'm pleased to present the officers and members of the Alumni Board who are either new to the Board or who are assuming new positions. Their pictures and brief biographies are on the following pages. These men devote substantial time, effort, and resources to the good citizenship described in this issue. We are also asking you, the rest of our alumni, to help in this mission by stepping forward to serve as mentors or to help students find internships through our Office of Career Education and Vocational Reflection.

Career education is emphasized in the work of the Alumni Association. It is fundamental to strong student outcomes-and hence to alumni outcomes. Programs integrating the student and alumni experience deliver value to both groups and advance our mission on multiple levels.

Having a liberal arts degree is as relevant as ever, and Hampden-Sydney continues to provide our communities with critical thinkers trained to recognize patterns in an increasingly complex world and to lead our society in positive directions. As with so many young men just beginning their professional lives, however, liberal arts graduates are often challenged in the early identification of paths to careers that complement their skills and aspirations. We alumni can help address that challenge by offering ourselves as career mentors and by providing, identifying, and supporting internship opportunities.

More alumni have been stepping forward to participate in this process. The Hampden-Sydney Summer Development Program, a pilot project that groups H-SC interns together with alumni, successfully launched this past summer. Also, alumni are increasingly providing and facilitating life-changing opportunities for students through informal support and guidance.

The Office of Career Education and Vocational Reflection is becoming more integrated with the Alumni Relations Office, and I am excited about what that will yield. Our strategy includes building a more robust platform for alumni to network with one another and to engage directly with our students. Professional Affinity Groups organized on LinkedIn.com are being established as part of this effort. To join an existing group or to request that one be established that fits your industry, please visit alumni.hsc.edu. Also, you can contact the Career Education Office by visiting www.hsc.edu/Career-Education, by e-mailing Ellen Masters at emasters@hsc.edu, or by calling (434) 223-6325.

Our goal is to further our mission of forming good citizens by helping to connect current students with alumni for mentorship and internship opportunities. If you are willing to serve as a career mentor, or if you have or know of internship opportunities, please let us know.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the weeks ahead.

New Alumni Board Members

Eleven alumni on the Alumni Board were newly elected, renewed in their previous position, or confirmed in a new position this summer. Here is a look at who they are and the experiences they bring to the Alumni Association.


John HopperJohn M. Hopper '89 is a financial services executive with more than 20 years of progressive private banking and wealth management experience. In addition to his career in financial services, John serves on several non-profit boards, coaches his son's youth football team, and is an active member of his church.


Edward T. "Ed" McMullen, Jr., '86 is the president of McMullen Public Affairs LLC, a communications company in Columbia, South Carolina. He has a 30-year career in public policy, politics, and business. Through his tenure at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., and the original South Carolina Policy Council, Ed has research foundation colleagues in nearly every state as well as relationships with key public policy leaders and elected officials throughout the Southeast and Washington, D.C.

Immediate Past President

William "Bill" Howard '77 is the managing partner of Clarke & Sampson, Inc. He started his career with Clarke & Sampson during his junior year at Hampden-Sydney. The company is a property and casualty insurance broker serving clients in all 50 states and internationally. Bill has served on a number of non-profit boards and insurance company agent councils.

Trustee Representative

Kerr RamsayCharles "Chuck" McPhillips '82 is an attorney and executive vice president for practice management with Kaufman & Canoles, P.C. in Norfolk. In his law practice he represents government contractors in business transactions; buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisitions; private firms in public-private partnerships; and various domestic and foreign-based companies in international business transactions.

National Chairman for Career Services

Bradley "Brad" Roberts '98 is a director in the Private Wealth Management Group of Credit Suisse in Atlanta. He joined the company in 2006 from Wachovia, where he was a vice president in the Capital Management Group. Before that he was an analyst with the Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management Group.

National Chairman for Young Alumni Development

Conor P. Sanders '11 is an assistant vice president with BB&T's Commercial Office in Dallas, Texas. Prior to moving to Dallas, Conor worked as a corporate banking sales and service officer in Baltimore, Maryland.


John H. Cronly '06 is a general contractor with Hampden Hill Custom Building in Richmond. While on campus he was instrumental in leading the charge for the Class of 2006 Senior Campaign, currently the largest yielding senior campaign on record with the College, in honor of departed classmate Peter Bance '06.


William R. "Bill" Middelthon '63 is an attorney in Coral Gables, Florida. He's been licensed for more than 50 years and practices in trusts and real estate. He chaired the 50th Reunion Campaign Committee for his class, which raised more than $5 million for Hampden-Sydney.


Charles Potts '88 has worked in the financial services industry for PNC, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. His professional experience includes retail banking management and investment portfolio management in both supporting and managing roles. He currently resides in New York City.


Kerr C. Ramsay III '03 is the associate vice president for admissions at High Point University in North Carolina. He oversees admissions efforts for 47 undergraduate programs. He's also a doctoral candidate at the University of Georgia.


Rodney Ruffin '82 is the vice president for business development for Thompson Hospitality, the current food service provider for Hampden-Sydney. He was also a senior director for external affairs for Amtrak and had earlier been general counsel for Thompson Hospitality.

Other Members of the Board:

Stephen M. Abbitt '06
J. Prescott "Scott" Anderson, Jr. '10
Eric E. Apperson '85
John Z. Axsom '05
Harry Webster Baldwin IV '07
Lee F. Brooks '75
M. Deane Cheatham III '88
Thomas M. Crowder '78
William C. "Bill" Garrett, Jr. '74
Rafael S. Guroian '01
Col. Christopher W. Hughes '88
E. Judson "Judd" McAdams '77
Maj. Gen. Gordon C. Nash (Ret.) '71
Jason Andrew Nelson '98
Michael Goodrich Palmore '97
John B. Pendleton '09
William Francis Shumadine III '94
Perry Everett "Rett" Turner III '04
Litz H. Van Dyke '86
Dr. Nolan A. Wages '04
W. James Young '86