Athletic Facilities Rental

Policies and Procedures for Groups Not Affiliated with the College

Get an application to rent athletic facilitiesHampden-Sydney College athletic facilities are designed to accommodate a variety of individual and group activities.  On a limited basis the College will consider accommodating requests by non-affiliated groups when school is in session on a limited basis.  The College's varsity, club and intramural sports take precedence over all outside requests.  Rental consideration is also given to non-affiliated groups during the summer.

Rental groups are divided into four classes.

  • Class A-includes all for-profit organizations and individuals not included in classes B and D below.
  • Class B-Includes all not-for-profit individuals and organizations such as service groups, garden clubs, churches, colleges/universities, national fraternity events sponsored by local fraternity chapters.
  • Class C-Includes currently employed College faculty and staff, retired faculty, currently enrolled HSC students, HSC alumni, active and retired trustees of HSC, and currently employed HSC ARAMARK Management employees. 
  • Class D--Events sponsored by College Church, any locally affiliated College organization, all College departments, and any HSC fraternity or society.  Any organizations that are not local are considered Class B above (membership in a state or national professional organization is not considered affiliated.

Non-affiliated groups are classified as A and B above.

Scheduling Responsibilities:

During the Academic Year:  Athletic facilities must be reserved through and approved by Director of TigeRec.

After the Academic Year Has Ended:   Athletic facilities must be reserved through and approved by the Summer Programs Office.

Time Periods Defined:

Academic Year is the period of August 1 through graduation day.

Summer Programs occur during the period of one day after graduation to July 31.

Athletic facilities will be unavailable for rent during August 1 through first day of classes.  This period allows College personnel to concentrate efforts on preparing for the return of our students following the completion of Summer Programs.

Facilities and Fields available for Rental: 

Fleet Gymnasium

  • NCAA Court (includes spectator stands, Fitness Center locker rooms, officials' locker room and the two downstairs restrooms)
  • Middle Practice Court (stands not included)
  • Back Practice Court (stands not included)

Ty Cobb Ballpark (Includes baseball field, restrooms, press box, concourse and stadium seats). The upstairs lounge is not included.

Hellmuth-Pritzlaff Field (turf)

Lagoon Field

Practice Baseball

Top Practice Football Field

Bottom Practice Football Field

Rostan Field

Tennis Courts

Ellis Rugby Pitch 

Outside groups must request authorization from the Director of TigeRec for use of the College's trails and roads. 

Written requests:  A formal application must be submitted to the Director of TigeRec at least ten business days prior to the scheduled event day.

Requirements of Outside Groups

The following are requirements of outside groups:

  • A Certificate of Insurance listing "The President and Trustees of Hampden-Sydney College as additionally insured.  Insurance requirements (minimum):  liability $1,000,000/occurrence; fire damage $50,000; personal and injury $1,000,000; general aggregate $2,000,000; personal Injury $5,000; Worker's Compensation (state statutory). The Certificate of Insurance must be submitted to the College's Business Operations Manager within five business days prior to the scheduled event.
  • Properly completed application including description of the proposed activity, expected participants, and all other logistical needs of the activity submitted to the Director of TigeRec. (Attachment A)                                                                                                      
  • A signed Facility Lease Agreement.  This agreement completed by the Business Operations Manager and sent to applicant.

The group will be responsible for the appropriate usage fee and any fixed expenditures incurred by the College, which are directly related to the use of athletic facilities.  All payments must be made to Hampden-Sydney College and submitted to the Business Operations Manager within five (5) days prior to the event.  Appropriate rates will be charged for use of all facilities.  Call the Director of TigeRec for rate information.

Release and Waiver of Claims:  Non-Affiliated individuals renting the College's athletic facilities must sign the Athletic Facility Rental/Usage Agreement Regarding Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability and Indemnification form.   (Attachment B)

Confirmation:  Athletic Facilities may be used only when scheduled and confirmed in advance.  A facility is not officially reserved until an email confirmation is received by the applicant from the Director of TigeRec or his/her appointed designee. 


College sponsored functions shall always take precedence over any outside usage.

The College reserves the right to restrict or withhold use of any athletic facilities if said use is deemed to be in conflict with the College's mission or not in the best interest of its faculty, staff and students.

The Athletic Department will control and manage the facility and will enforce all rules for the management and operation of the facility.  The Hampden-Sydney College Athletic Department, its employees, and its agents shall have free access at all times to all space occupied by the outside group.  Design of all setups must be approved by the Director of TigeRec.  The Director will communicate this information to the proper College department(s) and make sure the event is included on the College's Event Calendar.

Rental groups must remove all of its property upon leaving the premises.  The College is not responsible for property left on the premises.  A disposal fee may be charged to the group for property left on premises.

No goods, services, promotional or advertising material shall be sold on the College premises.

Any use of Hampden-Sydney College's name or photography must be cleared in advance by the College's Director of Marketing and Communications.

Animals are not permitted in College buildings or on the fields.

Motor vehicles are not allowed on athletic fields.

The possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs (steroids, inhibitors, etc.) is not permitted.  The use of tobacco products including smokeless tobacco is not permitted in College buildings.

All facilities will be closed when the College's Administrative Offices are closed due to inclement weather conditions.  Rescheduling of a cancelled event will be at the sole discretion of the Director of TigeRec.

If concessions are required they must be contracted with the College's food service.  Concession charge is in addition to the facility rental fee. 

A scheduled event may be cancelled if the Director of TigeRec determines that field conditions are adversely impacted by weather.  Notice will be given to the lessee with as much advance notice as possible.

A certified athletic trainer must be in attendance at each event.  Approval of the athletic trainer is at the sole discretion of the College.

The College's Campus Security and Police Department and the Director of TigeRec will mutually decide whether security needs to be provided for an event.  The security charge is in addition to the facility rental fee.

One hour on the front and one hour on the end of an event will be added to the event schedule.  This provides the College supervision and security coverage prior to and after the event.

The Director of Athletics and the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer must approve in writing any deviation from the Athletic Facility Use Policy.