Disc Golf Tournament

(From left to right: McGowan Day, Greg Knabel, Walker Cole, Chris Ferrante, James Shahayda, Will Correll, Paul Boydoh, and Trent Tuttle) Not Pictured: Jake Koferl

The Final 8

The 1st Annual H-SC Disc Golf Tournament was held the first week of November 2012.  After two days of fierce competition, and a turnout of 38 total participants, the above eight H-SC men were the only ones remaining on the final day of competition.  With all particpants throwing real well through their first round, the final day was destined to come down to only a few strokes.  Ultimately, Will Correll (picture below) came out victorious with a final round score of 28 (+1). 

Overall, it was a great experience for all involved.  Free H-SC custom discs were given to all those who entered and the tournament generated more buzz for the course.  The CAC played a huge part in the success of the tournament, and funded the championship prize, an iPad 3.  We look forward to offering more tournaments this spring!


Disc Golf Tournament Champion Will Correll                                              

Paul Boydoh attempts a putt on hole 4