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Front Desk
Welcome to the Hampden-Sydney College Fitness Center. This is the main hub for the facility. Once you enter into the facility you are required to enter your Member ID (last six of social) into the keypad on your right attached to the desk. If you have any questions about membership, hours, jobs, etc., just ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

Cardio Area with Broadcast VisionTM
The Fitness Center boasts one of the best cardiovascular workout set-ups in Virginia. Our cardio equipment, including seven Woodway treadmills, is designed to meet anyone's cardiovascular needs. Our cardio equipment includes:

  • seven treadmills
  • seven elliptical cross trainers
  • four bikes (one recumbent and three upright) 
  • two stair steppers
  • one Concept II rower

You can move to the beat of the music playing through the Center or tune into one of our seven 32" televisions broadcasting sound over our own FM frequencies through our CardioVision receivers. If there is something that you would like to watch, just ask one of our friendly staff members to find it for you.

Circuit Training (Upper Body)

circuit training Are you a beginner to the "weight lifting" scene? Maybe you want to isolate those muscle groups for that in-depth workout? The circuit training area provides two different aspects of training. With the LifeFitness Pro-Series, users accustomed to the old nautilus style equipment can work their upper body with:

  • Pro-Series Chest Press
  • Pro-Series Pec Fly/Rear Deltoid
  • Pro-Series Shoulder Press
  • Pro-Series Abdominal Crunch

Those who want to concentrate on form and still have the luxury of using plate-loaded equipment can benefit from our line of Iso-Lateral (move independently) or Linear (standard) Hammer Strength equipment, such as:

  • Iso-Lateral Bench Press
  • Iso-Lateral Incline Bench Press
  • Iso-Lateral Shoulder
  • Iso-Lateral Rear Lateral Pulldown
  • Iso-Lateral Row

Dumbbell Training
dumb bell arena Those who desire to train with dumbbells have their own area shielded off with access to a full-length wall of mirrors to watch their form. The area includes:

  • Multiple LifeFitness and Hammer Strength Multi-Purpose Benches
  • two-sets of 5-100lb. dumbbells
  • one-set of 105-125lb. dumbbells
  • 18, 25, 35, and 55lb. kettlebells


Hammer Strength - Smith Machine
smith machine Added in 2008, the Smith Machine is a multi-purpose weight lifting machine comprised of a barbell that slides along a vertical plane. Its two safety components, the safety spotter arms and barbell hooks, allow you to safely work out with out a spotter. A variety of exercises can be performed using the Smith Machine such as bench press, shoulder shrugs, dead lifts, lunges, and squats.


Core Muscle Training
The core muscle group consists of the abdominals, erector spinae (muscle extending from cervical spine to lower back), hip flexors, hip extensors, quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. This muscle group is the basis of all movement; therefore it needs its own area for hardcore strengthening and toning. This area includes:

  • Nine medicine balls from 2-18lbs.
  • 30 BOSU Balance Trainers
  • Seven Swiss balls (ask how to use for full body workout)
  • Two Ab Rollers
  • Pne multi-gym for hanging crunches, dips and pull-ups

power racks For those who cannot get enough of clanking metal and hard steel, the free-weight area provides everything desired. The four Pro-Maxima Multi-Racks can be adjusted to fit anyone's lifting needs. Each can act as a squat rack, incline/regular/decline bench press, and spotter. All are equipped with a Pro-Maxima Adjustable Bench, 7' Olympic bar, clips, and over 600 lbs. of steel. Also in the free-weight area are:

  • Lifting Platform with 20, 25-45lb. bumper plates
  • LifeFitness Multi-Gym (cable crossover, seated row, seated lateral pulldown, and extra pulley stations)
  • Two ergonomic Hampton preacher curl bars
  • Two Hampton multi-purpose bars
  • Three extra 7' Olympic bars
  • Hip/Glute station
  • Back Hyperextension station
  • Linear Leg Press 
  • Linear Seated Calf 
  • V-Squat 

Aerobics Room
aerobics room The Aerobics Room is a place to take one our exciting classes. The maple floor provides a safe and user friendly atmosphere. You can see the current schedule in the "Special Programs" section. The room is equipped with the following:

  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • 40" flat screen TV and DVD player
  • Swiss balls
  • Medicine balls up to 18lbs.
  • Steps and risers
  • Resistabands

Racquetball Courts
The Center has three racquetball courts that can be reserved for play. These courts all have maple floors and glass enclosures that are regularly maintained for our members' convenience. You can reserve a court by simply calling x6699.