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Weeks 1-4 | Weeks 5-8

Soccer Weeks 1-4 (Phase 1)

Freshman Returners

Freshmen Letter

Returners Letter

Summer Running Summer Running

Fresh Summer Lifting Phase 1

Returners Summer Lifting Phase 1

Core Videos Core Videos
Lifting Videos

Lifting Videos

Soccer Weeks 5-8 (Phase 2)

Freshman Returners


Running Running
Fresh Summer Lifting Phase 2  Returners Summer Lifting Phase 2
Core Core

Soccer 9-12 (Phase 3)

Letter Phase 3 Running
Phase 3 Core Phase 3 Lifting Demo
Phase 3 Lifting Day 1 Phase 3 Lifting Day 2

Other Workouts

Are you looking for that workout that is just for you?  Do you find yourself in a workout doldrums that you cannot escape?  You can look no further than this page.  This page is designed to give you sample workouts that can benefit everyone. 

Workouts with the (**) after them are multi-day workouts where each sheet of the printout is equivalent to one day.

Cardio Workout Tracking Card

Strength Workout Tracking Card

Cycling (Free-weight) - Workout  

Cycling (Free-weight) - Tracking Form

Quick 3-Day Split (Leg/Shoulders, Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps) - Workout **

Quick 3-Day Split (Leg/Shoulders, Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps) - Tracking Form

Beginner Full-Body (Machine Only) - Workout

Beginner Full-Body (Machine Only) - Tracking Form

Beginner Total Body (Dumbbell Only) - Workout 

Beginner Total Body (Dumbbell Only) - Tracking Form

Running/Jogging (Free-weight) - Workout

Running/Jogging (Free-weight) - Tracking Form

Good Core Program - Workout

Good Core Program - Tracking Form

Golf Enhancement (Machine) - Workout 

Golf Enhancement (Machine) - Tracking Form

Racquet Sports (Free-weight) - Workout

Racquet Sports (Free-weight) - Tracking Form

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