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Forming a Team

The easiest way to get involved in team sports is to form a team on your own: You and a couple of friends, or perhaps the suite or floor of your residence hall or the neighbors in your apartment complex. Student organizations such as fraternities and sororities, as well as other campus groups often put together teams. Ask at your organization next group meeting.

Individual/Dual Sports

If sports for one or for you and a partner are what you're looking for, then try any one of our individual or dual sports ladders.  Singles and doubles ladders are available in numerous racquet sports, and sport skills challenges. Ladders are all about participation the more games you play the better opportunity you have to win.

How to Register

Once you have put a squad together, you will need to register. The key here is to REGISTER EARLY! So, when you do register? Well, each sport has its own registration period. Click on the banner at the top of the page and create an account on IMLeagues. To find out when that is for each sport, check our Intramural Sports schedule on IMLeagues for each semester. You will register for most sports online. If you are unable to sign up online, simply stop by Kirby Fitness Center and talk with Mike Edwards, to register. We advise attempting to register on the FIRST DAY of the registration period. Just one person for your team will need to sign-up.


Intramural Sports reserves the right to investigate the eligibility of participants. These investigations may result in forfeiture, probation, and/ or suspension of teams or participants. Participants are still encouraged to submit a protest involving ineligible participants. No student, faculty, or staff member may play on more than one team per sport. A participant who violates this rule will be ineligible to participate in a minimum of their original team's next scheduled game; the second team the violator played for will forfeit all games in which the violator participated. All participants must be on a team's official roster, located on the team roster on IMLeagues, in order to participate. Failure to be on an official roster may result in that team forfeiting the game.


Fall Sports Schedules
Flag Football
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2014-2015 IM Schedule
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Dodgeball Tournament
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Indoor Soccer Tournament
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3v3 Basketball Tournament
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Winter Sports Manuals

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Team Manager's Manual
FIFA Tournament

Official's Manual

Spring Sports Forms


Employment Application
One Day Flag Football
Team Entry Form
Ping Pong
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Sportsmanship Rating

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