Past Events

Fall 2016

August 9
Wilson Center Planning Session

August 17-19
Freshmen Leadership Program Pre-Orientation Workshop
August 26
Wreath Laying Ceremony for 2nd LT Stephen Snyder '65
11:30 am Memorial Gates

September 7
Challenges Facing Local Law Enforcement in 2016
7:30 Crawley Forum

September 10
Parent's Weekend Football Game Open House
11 am to 3 pm

September 12 
15 Years After the 9/11 Attacks: Challenges and Changes in Intelligence and Law Enforcement 
7:30 Crawley Forum
September 15
Constitution Day 2016
Congressman Robert Hurt '91
7:30 Parents & Friends
September 17
Fall Board of Advisors Meeting
10:00 am Wilson Center
September 18
FLP Leadership Workshop
American Shakespeare Center
3:00 pm Crawley Forum

September 20
Romeo & Juliet
American Shakespeare Center
7:00 Jarman Auditorium at Longwood University

September 28
2016 Election: The Worst Choice Ever! 
Dr. James Ceaser, Professor of Politics @ UVA
7:30 pm Parents & Friends

October 3
Road to the White House 2016
1 pm Graham Hall / College Road

October 5
Post-Debate Conversation
Chris Stirewalt '97, FOX News
12:30 pm Chairmans Room

October 5
Drones, Microbes and the Ethics of Self-Contolling Unmanned Systems
Dr. David Schmale, Associate Professor of Biology @ VA Tech
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

October 8
Homecoming Football Game Open House
11 am to 3 pm

October 23
FLP Leadership Workshop
Emotional Intelligence
Hile Rutledge '89
3 pm Wilson Center

October 26
Prince Edward County and Our Global Economy
Ralph Baker '89
7:30 Bortz Library 4th Floor Rotunda

October 29
Dedication of Classroom in Recognition of Alexander P. Dyer
11:30 am
20th Anniversary of the Wilson Center & Open House
11:30 am until end of game

November 9
Digital Storytelling
Michael Furno
7:30 pm in Chairmans Room

November 10
Veterans Day Commemoration
11:30 am Memorial Gates
November 10
4th Annual Founder's Day Celebration
Good Men, Good Citizens, and the Virtue of Lines
Dr. Richard Broughton '95, Professor of Law @ Detroit Mercy Law School
7:30 pm Chairman's Room 
November 12
"The Game" Football Open House
11 am to 3 pm 
November 17-19
Model UN
9-2 Daily in Snyder Hall
November 20
FLP Leadership Workshop
Myers Briggs Personality Testing
Dr. Gail Funke
3 pm Wilson Center
November 28
Annual Trip to the Hill
Washington DC
November 30
75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor
Dr. David Snead & Dr. Eric Dinmore
4:15 pm Parents & Friends 

Spring 2016

January 12 
State of the Union Address
9 pm Wilson Center

January 16
Board of Advisors Winter Meeting
9 am Wilson Center

January 19
Martin Luther King & Leadership Professor Panel
4:30 pm Bortz Library 4th Floor

January 24
FLP Organizational Simulation Dr. Gail Funke
3:00 pm Wilson Center POSTPONED

February 2 
Strategic Leadership:Roosevelt, Churchill and Marshall, Dr. Rob Havers
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

February 10
Advice on Intelligence for the New President, Admiral Alex Miller (USN Ret)
7:30 pm Parents & Friends CANCELED

February 15 
3rd Annual President's Day Lecture
The Power of Character: George Washington and the Art of Leadership, Dr. Douglas Bradburn
7:30 pm Parents & Friends POSTPONED

February 18
Healthcare in the 21st Century, E. W. Tibbs, CEO of Centra Health
7:30 pm Crawaley Forum

February 21
FLP Leadership James Van Ness '93
3:00 pm Wilson Center

February 24
3rd Annual President's Day Lecture
The Power of Character: George Washington and the Art of LeadershipDr. Douglas Bradburn
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

February 28
FLP Organizational Simulation Dr. Gail Funke
3:00 pm Crawley Forum

February 27 
BSA Merit Badge College

March 3
Handicapping the National Elections: Who's Up and Who's Down
Chris Cooper '93, Greg Thomas '99 and Ed McMullen '86
7:30 pm Bortz Library 4th Fl Rotunda

March 16
Was Joe McCarthy Right? Dr. Harvey Klehr
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

March 20
FLP Leadership Steve Martin '67
3:00 pm Wilson Center

March 30
Security Threats to the US in the Modern Tech-Oriented Global Environment
Hal Lackey '85, Jason Kello '99 and Bryce Auker '13
7:30 pm Crawley Forum

April 15 
Board of Advisors Spring Meeting
3 pm Wilson Center

April 15 
Annual Awards Banquet
5:30 pm Settle Hall

June 3-5 
Alumni Summer College
A Revolution for All Mankind: 240 Years After the American Revolution

June 26 - July 1 
Shelton Leadership Challenge