Freshman Leadership Program

The Wilson Center begins preparing leaders during their very first year at Hampden-Sydney. Although students are not eligible for the Military Leadership and Public Service programs until their sophomore year, a select group of freshmen students is offered an early opportunity to get involved in developing leadership skills.

The Freshmen Leadership Program has been coordinated since its inception by Dr. Curtis Smith, who teaches in the Public Service Program. It begins with a two-day practical exploration of leadership before orientation, featuring a Harvard case-study and sessions with The Wilson Center for Leadership faculty. Meeting formally twice a semester and informally several additional times, the program organizes sessions to help students appreciate the importance of self-understanding and context for successful leadership. Students interact with successful alumni leaders in business and law, take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, and compete in an organizational simulation.


2015-2016 Freshmen Leadership Program

Nicholas Alphonso
John Ames
Cameron Bachman
Robert Cooley
Will Hester
Tyler Hines
Hamilton Hooper
Brick Ingle
Hollis Jennings
Aaron Kofsky
Jacob Mitchell
Matthew Mood
Christopher Nance
Mathis Nedell
Larry Pullen
Jacob Ranson
Phillip Reavis
Michael Ruiz
John Ryder
Griffin Sayler
Jack Scheer
Jacob Spencer
Hunter Staton
Stewart Thames
Nicholas Tremaglio
Raleigh Jernigan
Rakeem Walker
Quinn Ainslie
Noah Brooks
David Bushhouse
Craig Cantley
Connor Grant
Turner Martin
Addison Peak
Daniel Prescott
Jorge QuinonesVelez
Conor Roberson
Zachary Shields