Freshman Leadership Program

The Wilson Center begins preparing leaders during their very first year at Hampden-Sydney. Although students are not eligible for the Military Leadership and Public Service programs until their sophomore year, a select group of freshmen students is offered an early opportunity to get involved in developing leadership skills.

The Freshmen Leadership Program has been coordinated since its inception by Dr. Curtis Smith, who teaches in the Public Service Program. It begins with a two-day practical exploration of leadership before orientation, featuring a Harvard case-study and sessions with The Wilson Center for Leadership faculty. Meeting formally twice a semester and informally several additional times, the program organizes sessions to help students appreciate the importance of self-understanding and context for successful leadership. Students interact with successful alumni leaders in business and law, take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, and compete in an organizational simulation.

2014 Application

Foundations of Leadership Workshop, August 19 - 21, 2014 

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Freshmen Leadership Program:

Ryan Beltrondo
Bradford Booth
Guy Cheatham
Brendan Cottrell
Aaron Dawley
Zachary Depue
Patrick Fallon
Noah Frazier
Ryan Gale
Zane Moody
Adrian Guerra
Gui Guimaraes
Nate Horvit
Carrick Irwin
Robert Jackson
Palmer Jones
Hunter Keiser
Tyler Langhorn
Samuel Melson
Aaron Persily
Connor Pool
Austin Reed
Skyler Robinson
Cecil Tiblin
David Zwick
Tanner Beck
Dylan Bomeisler
Ben Collie
Matt Carter
Jack Dawson
Lee Hamlet
Cam Johnson
Tyler Jordon
Hayden Robinson
Zachary Shermer
Connor Williams