2013 Awards - Wilson Center Newsletter, April 2013


Patrick Henry Awards 2013

Dr. R. Carter Morris '66


Dr. Morris received his B.S. in physics from Hampden-Sydney College and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Virginia.  His field of study was experimental condensed-matter physics.  Dr. Morris currently holds the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chair of Intelligence Studies in the School of Science and Technology Intelligence at the National Intelligence University in Washington, DC.  He is a CIA careerist in the Directorate of Science and Technology and a member of the Senior Intelligence Service.  He joined the National Intelligence University in October 2010.  After receiving his degree, Dr. Morris spent two years on the faculty at the University of Virginia before moving to the Physics Department at Florida State University.  He spent 11 years as a professor at Florida State University-teaching and conducting a research program concentrating on exploring the electrical and magnetic properties of materials at low temperatures.  Dr. Morris joined the CIA in the Office of Research and Development (ORD) in 1984.  In ORD he held both senior scientist and management positions concentrating of the development of technology to support human and signals intelligence operations.  He moved from ORD to serve in the Nonproliferation Center as the Special Assistant for Research and Development (R&D) to the Director where he was responsible for coordinating government-wide R&D to provide intelligence on foreign weapons of mass (WMD) destruction activities.  He went on to serve as Deputy Director of a MASINT (Measurement and Signature Intelligence) group in the Office of Technical Collection that focused on collection of forensic intelligence on WMD activities.

Dr. Morris was subsequently detailed from CIA to a number of Intelligence Community (IC) assignments.  He served as Deputy Director of the Central MASINT Organization in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) overseeing MASINT management for the Intelligence Community.  He became the Deputy Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection where he helped coordinate all Intelligence Community collection activities.  He moved from this to become Director of Information Sharing and Knowledge Management, and later Chief of Staff, in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  In this position he represented DHS in the coordination of IC and government-wide information sharing activities.  He subsequently returned to helping oversee community MASINT activities as Chairman of the National MASINT Committee before assuming his current position.





William Peyton Marshall '73


William Marshall received his Bachelor of Arts from Hampden-Sydney College in 1973. He later earned a Master of Science degree in National Security Strategy from the National War College.  During his time at Hampden-Sydney, Bill was a brother with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity where he served as vice president and housing corporation director.  Bill was also a member of the football team and the wrestling team.   

As Director of the Information Operations Technology Center (IOTC), a joint Intelligence Community and Department of Defense Organization, he led a key interagency activity that produced specialized tools, assessments, and operating concepts in support of U.S. Government cyber operations.  Bill also served as Chairman of the National Signals Intelligence Committee where he was instrumental in efforts to revitalize this 40-plus year institution, significantly upgrading its capabilities to support senior leadership in the Intelligence Community. Most notably, he successfully led efforts to develop assessments and provide recommendations in support of major intelligence community policy and capability decisions designed to improve the collection, production, and use of signals intelligence. As the first Director of the NSA Threat Operations Center (NTOC), he led the development of the organization from start-up to a widely-respected center for cyber security operations in the federal government. The NTOC played a vital role in the delivery of time-sensitive intelligence, warning, and response to global threats to U.S. Government information networks.

Over the past decade, Bill has provided leadership in cyber operations and related technology development in three key U.S. Government assignments. Most recently, he served as NSA's Deputy Chief of Staff for Cyber, a position in which he supported the Director of NSA as the agency's senior cyber strategist. During this assignment, Bill played a central role in coordinating agency-wide planning and preparations in support of the Defense Department's new U.S. Cyber Command.  In 2012, Bill joined the Chertoff Group as the Managing Director.  The Chertoff Group is a global security advisory firm that provides consulting, risk management, and merger and acquisition advisory services for clients in the security, defense, and government services industries.

Bill is the recipient of numerous awards for service including the Meritorious Executive Presidential Rank Award, the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, and the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement. He also is a recipient of two of NSA's highest awards, the Exceptional Civilian Service Award and the Director's Distinguished Service Medal.





Steven T Huff '73

Steven graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B. S. in physics and was inducted as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He went on to receive his master in physics from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif.   From 1979 to 1983, Steven worked as an officer with the Central Intelligence Agency. He also served in the U.S. Army Intelligence Agency from 1975 to 1978.  Steven founded Overwatch Geospatial Operations in 1993 and currently serves as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Overwatch Geospatial Operations, LLC. Steven is responsible for the strategic direction of new products. He founded Sensor Systems, Inc. (now part of Overwatch Systems), as a consulting operation in 1985. Steven was also a co-founder of BDS, Inc., a systems integrator specializing in UNIX solutions, and was a member of its Board of Directors prior to its merger with BTG. Mr. Huff serves as a Director of Overwatch Systems, LLC.