Wilson Center Newsletter, April 2013


Paul Cooksey '70   

Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

Lessons Learned from Iraq




Dr. Gail Funke

FLP Lead Out Simulation - The Freshmen Leadership Program sponsored a simulation on April 7.  The exercise allowed freshmen and other Wilson Center students to see what it is like when teams are given concrete assignments, when each team member has only a piece of the information needed to make decisions, when managers come and go, and when corporate officials change requirements and goals.  The winning team earned $1000 more than the losing team by making the same number of correct choices and one fewer wrong choice.  The simulation was overseen by Dr. Gail Funke, a consultant for organizations such as the Federal Executive Institute and the U. S. Marine Corps. 




W. James Young '86

An attorney with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Jim spoke to members of the Pre-Law society on law school and legal careers.


Dr. Richard Norton

Woodrow Wilson Fellow

Council on Foreign Relations member; government consultant on Middle Eastern topics; Professor of International Relations and Anthropology, Boston University





Dr. Eric Dinmore & Dr. Warner Winborne '88

Is Korea a Serious Problem?



Lt. Col. Rucker Snead, Dr. Eric Dinmore & Dr. Warner Winborne

Dinmore  Winborne