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Marion in DC"Founders Empowered the People's House"

by Dr. David Marion, Director of Academic Programs

The American people reconfirmed on Nov. 6 that they are content with divided government.  While President Obama had an impressive electoral victory and the Democrats picked up seats in the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives remains under Republican control.  Although some public officials and commentators are downplaying the significance of the fact that Republicans held onto the House, this response to the election flies in the face of constitutional status of the House as the most important "democratic" part of our national governmental system.



Vet Day

Veterans Day at Memorial Gates 2012



Dr. David Marion reviews the constitutional powers of the President during wartime with teachers from Prince William County on Nov. 5 at Montpelier


Bill Of Rights Institute (March 16-18)

Dr. David Marion, Director of Academic Programs at the Wilson Center, was the lead scholar at a three-day seminar on the Bill of Rights that was held at the Constitution Center at Montpelier (James Madison's plantation home in Orange County VA) early in March.  Twenty-four teachers from seven states (Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin and California) participated in the March 9-11 program.  Dr. Roger Barrus, Elliott Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs, and Dr. James Pontuso, Patterson Professor of Government, joined Dr. Marion as featured speakers on Saturday morning and afternoon.


     Pontuso/Barrus/Marion    Pontuso/Barrus/Marion  

Dr. David Marion                           Dr. James Pontuso


                                                                                        Dr. Roger Barrus

Gen Sam

Gen Samuel V. Wilson is honored for his many labors on behalf of the Moton Civil Rights Museum