Public Service Program Events


Spring 2012

Horn of Africa Symposium


Ambassador Lange Schermerhorn, Col. Daniel Donohue '73 and Lt. Gen Samuel Helland






"Impressions of Putin's Russia"

   Pontuso  Pontuso

Dr. James Pontuso,
Patterson Professor of Government & Foreign Affairs

Dr. Pontuso travelled to Russia in December 2011 to participate in a conference on Alexander Soltzhenitsyn.  He shared his impressions on the current state of affairs in the country with students and faculty.




International Development

Clay Doherty '97, USAID, and Wilhelm Meierling '04, United Way Worldwide


Meierling & Doherty



Kevin F. F. Quigley 

Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholar


Congressman Robert Hurt '91

Con. Hurt & Group                                         


                                        Wilson Center Trip to Richmond 


Muse    William Muse '70 - VA Parole Board

  Richmond Trip Delegate Chris Peace '98, VA House of Delegates


Pantele  Wlliam Pantele '80, Past President of Richmond City Council           

      Richmond Trip

     Matt Strader '07, Asst. Secretary of Transportation

James Hoffman '11, Creative Writer and Lobbyist with Davis Consultants




Fall 2012

Dr. William F. Connelly - Constitution Day Speaker

September 17, Dr. William Connelly was the featured speaker as the Wilson Center commemorated Constitution Day 2012.  Dr. Connelly is a professor of political science at Washington and Lee University.  His presentation was based largely on his new book, James Madison Rules America.




Constitution restrains unhinged government  lincoln


by Dr. David Marion

Director of Academic Programs & Elliott Professor of Goverment & Foreign Affairs at the Wilson Center

It may be the case that Abraham Lincoln occasionally stretched his executive powers to questionable lengths during the Civil War, but it also is the case that Lincoln was careful to offer a Constitution-related defense of these actions.

Lincoln understood the dangers of completely unhinging politics and governance from the Constitution, and he took pains to warn his contemporaries of these dangers. There is growing evidence that our political culture no longer reflects the wisdom of Lincoln's counsel and actions.

What Lincoln understood, and what too many public officials and candidates seem to have forgotten today, is that the compulsion to connect one's proposals and actions to the Constitution creates useful outer boundaries - even if they are sometimes broad outer boundaries - to politics and governance.




Dr. Edith Simms

"The Single Sex College: Educational Treasure or Antiquated Artifact?"


 "Caldon, A Small Boat in a Global Sea:
The Trials and Tribulations of Establishing a Successful Company"




Alumni Public Affairs Forum

Matthew Lakin '02




Matt Lakin '02 works for the International Republican Institute which is funded by USAID.  Matt serves as the Resident Program Officer in IRI's Jordan office.  He is primarily focused on IRI's work with political parties, public opinion research and trainings for candidates for public office.  Matt has worked for IRI since 2008 specializing in work with political party development, civic activism, and media programs.  Matt has conducted trainings for IRI in Jordan, Egypt, South Korea, East Timor and Cambodia.






Constituency Relations, Congressional Politics and Madison's Republic in 2012

Todd Reid '96 - State Director for US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)poster







Election Watch
November 6, 2012







Wilson Center On Capital Hill




Dr. Marion addresses the group before the sessions begin



 Hugo Rodriguez '88 (State Department) and Scott Pietan '95 (Office of the US Trade Representative)


 Scott Pietan '95 talks with students about trade issues


 Hugo Rodriguez '88 responds to questions about the State Department


 Chris Cooper '92 (SKDKnickerbocker) and Christopher Stirewalt '97 (FOX News)


Chris Cooper '92 shares more analysis on the election results


Christopher Stirewalt '88 responds to questions about the impact of the election


David Brown '87 (Exelon), Tucker Shumack '95 (Office of Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruciton) and Paul Cooksey '70 (GDS Strategies LLC


Paul Cooksey '70 expounds on Capitol Hill politics


David Brown '87 discusses the complexities of the world of lobbying


Hunter Pickels '05, Thomas Craig '99, Thomas Doheny '09, William Pace '10, Jack Ruddy '10 and Mac McKinney '11



"Hill Politics: A View from the Trenches"
H-SC Alumni currently working on Capitol Hill

Andrew Duke '90 Chief of Staff, Rep. Jeb Hensarling [R-TX]
William Wright '94 Legislative Assistant for Foreign Affairs, Sen. Scott Brown [R-MA]
Todd Johnston '95 Senior Policy Advisor, Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
Thomas Craig '99 Professional Staff Member, Senate Appropriations Committee
Adam Barker '05 Professional Staff Member, Senate Armed Services Committee Office of Sen. John McCain
Mark Kearney '05 Legislative Assistant, House Foreign Affairs Committee
Thomas Doheny '09 Communications Director, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers [R-NC]
Gordon Neal '09 Deputy Press Secretary, Rep. Rob Wittman [R-VA]
Dylan Colligan   '10 Staff Assistant, House Republican Conference 
William Pace '10 Staff Assistant, Rep. Robert Hurt [R-VA]
Jack Ruddy '10 Legislative Assistant, Rep. Sam Graves [R-MO]
Mac McKinney '11 Staff  Assistant, Congresswoman Ellmers [R-NC]
Kyle Grantier '11 Staff Assistant, Senator Jim Webb [D-VA]


"The Changing Role of Giving
in the Making of Public Policy"

                               DC Alumni Club Event at the St. Regis Hotel



Charles Payne '88 (Legal Council to Doris Buffet), Dr. Christopher Howard, Dr. Carol Adelman (Center for Global Prosperity) and Peter Kellner (Endeavor Global)


potterTeaching on a Fulbright Scholarship in Germany 

PotterJ B Potter '11 gave a delightful talk on his experiences as a middle and high school english teacher in Germany.  JB received a Fulbright Scholoarship to teach and study abroad.  Parting words from Mr. Potter were, "don't wait until the fall of your senior year to think about what you want to do!' 












Wilson Center trip to Montpelier   Montpelier