Summer Events at the Wilson Center


2012 Alumni Summer College





Summer College Group

The Summer College Attendees


Gov. Gerald Baliles & Dr. Christopher Howard


Dr. Roger Barrus, Dr. John Eastby & Dr. Ken Lehman




Gen Sam

Lt. Gen Samuel Wilson  



Dr. Mike Utzinger, Chris Cooper '93 & Dr. Matt Bowman



Saturday Evening Entertainment




2012 Summer Internships

   Thornton Paul Thornton '14 interned with US AID in Washington, DC. He is pictured here with Mary Robinson, the first woman president of Ireland.





Scott Clayton '13 interned with Save Our Sound on a research project on the effects of the proposed Cape Wind project in Nantucket Sound.  He also interned with Exelon Energy Corporation's renewable energy in Iowa.











Forrest Allen '13 interned with McMullen Public Affairs in Columbia, SC.







John Chambers '13 was a summer intern with the State Department at the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

Keeler and Pantele









Brennan Pritchard '13 attended the German Summer in Muenster Program and then Pritchard





Barrett Keeler '13 joined the staff of the U.S Fulbright Office in Prague as a summer intern.  He is pictured with Richard Pantele '13






York County



Richard Pantele '13 interned with the US Fulbright Office in Prague.






 Loren Hubbard '13 completed a summer internship with the National Academy of Public Administration in Washington, DC.





                  Aaron Van Allen '13 interned in the Danville office of Congressman Robert Hurt '91.      


McGowan Day '14 interned with the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, VA.