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June 2012 Volume 6 Issue 5

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A Message from Dr. David Marion, Director of Academic Programs


President Christopher Howard has announced that Lt. Col. Rucker Snead, the new Associate Dean of Career Education and Vocational Reflection, will assume Dr. Dale Jones' duties as Director of External Relations at the Wilson Center.   Col. Snead will continue to assist Dr. Jim Simms with the Military Leadership and National Security Studies Program.  Dr. Jones will transition into his new role as a Wilson Center Fellow on July 1.  These appointments leave the Wilson Center team intact for the 2012-13 academic year, all that has changed are the duties that Col. Snead and Dr. Jones will be assuming at the Center.  Plans already are in place for a busy start to the academic year that begins in August.  Our summer interns are reporting that they putting the knowledge and skills that they have learned in Wilson Center classes, workshops and special programs to good use.  Applications from incoming freshmen for the pre-orientation leadership skills seminar may set a new record this year.   Just as the very successful alumni/summer college that took place on the first weekend in June was a fitting end to perhaps our best year yet, the pre-orientation seminar could easily signal the beginning of another year of "firsts" that will make it the "best ever" for the Center.   




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Keynote Address

The Honorable Gerald Baliles
65th Governor of Virginia
Director & CEO of the Miller Center at UVA

The Presidency and the Election in 2012

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The Office of the President and the Constitution


It's The Economy Stupid: Economic Issues and the Election in 2012


Global Issues: China, Europe, Central America and Immigration


Presidents I Have Served - Lt. Gen Samuel Wilson


Congress, the Supreme Court and the Election in 2012


The Candidates


Musical Revue