Wilson Center Newsletter, November 2011

Events Roundup

November 15
Annual Trip to Capitol Hill

November 17
Good Men, Good Citizens and Shakespeare's Henry V
Dr. Paul Cantor, Professor of English at the University of Virginia

November 29
Popcorn Seminar

Neil Denton, American Red Cross

December 1
70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Symposium
Crawley Forum, 4:30 & 7pm

December 6
Popcorn Seminar 
"Occupy Wall Street Movement"
Dr. Carilli, Dr. Carroll, & Dr. Lehman


Recent Events at the Wilson Center

November 12
13th Annual Veterans Day Ceremony
Sponsored by the H-SC Society for the Preservation of Southern Heritage

Veterans Day   Veterans Day


November 3
Henry V
Fine Arts Department


After a semester of programs that ranged from workshops with American Shakespeare Center, lectures on styles of leadership and a film series, the Fine Arts production of Henry V opened in Johns Auditorium.

November 17
"Good Men and Good Citizens and Shakespeare's Henry V"
Dr. Paul Cantor
English Professor, UVA


Dr. Paul Cantor

Fifty students and faculty gathered in Parents and Friends Lounge on November 17 for a provocative analysis of Henry V by Dr. Paul Cantor of the University of Virginia.  Dr. Cantor focused his remarks on Shakespeare's teaching regarding the tough choices that leaders must make, choices that may occasionally strain the moral qualities associated with a "good man".

October 26
Henry V: A Study in Leadership
Lt. Col. Rucker Snead
 Director of Career Development, HSC

 Rucker Snead

On Wednesday, 26 October, Rucker Snead addressed the leadership lessons of Henry V at the Wilson Center.  This session was part of a semester long Henry V collaboration between the Wilson Center, Theater Department, Western Culture Program, and English Department.  Lt. Col. Snead's presentation included historical material on the 100 Years War, medieval warfare, and Henry V.


October 30
Freshman Leadership Program
Dr. Gail Funke
Executive Coaching* Organizational Consulting*Leadership Development

Gail Funke

On October 30, the students in the Freshman Leadership Program participated in an afternoon session with Dr. Gail Funke.  The students took the Myers-Briggs Personality test prior to the workshop and were given their results at the meeting.  Dr. Funke explained how each student's personality type compares with other types that may be different or even conflict.  Dr. Funke discussed the organizational implications of a workforce defined by diverse personality traits