Membership in the Public Service Program

Student internships
have been arranged at the White House, in the Office of the Vice-President, on Capitol Hill, the American Embassies in Brazil and Turkey, the United States Information Services office in the Czech Republic, the Virginia Port Authority in Belgium, and the European Parliament, as well as with state and local government agencies from Pennsylvania to Texas.

Class of 2019

Hollis Jennings
Reed Cooper
Ed Saunders
Jacob Mitchell

Class of 2018

Tanner Beck
Aaron Dawley
Cam Johnson
Henry O'Neal
Jacky Cheng
Chris Ross
Taylor Majetic
Dallas Negaard

Class of 2017

Andrew Marshall
Bradley Chester
Michael Kaufmann
Tyler Langhorn
Zane Moody
Max Morgan
Will Ziglar

Class of 2016

Briggs Burton
Holden McLemore
Graves Anthony
Max Maurer
James Crandall
John Kroencke
Sam Johnson
Joseph Lantagne
Justin Parker
Calvin Charles
Tim Morgan